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Sunday, March 27, 2005 

This Weekend

This weekend was ok. Didn't do much at all.

love my boss, bless his heart. So we got paid on Friday. Well, we were supposd to get paid. However my boss was in Detroit, didn't get back to lansing till way after 5P and didn't sign our checks. This was a delimna for me seeing that I needed cash to pay the beautician on Friday. Sigh. No worries. I picked my check up on Saturday afternoon and put the money in so nothing wouldn't bounce. Called Ai (pronounced eye), The Serbian, and a girl I worked with at the old firm to tell them I was coming into town. Ai called back but said she couldn't party. Just do something during the day. I told her i'd get back to her.

Went to Detroit. Got my hair did. I was looking cute so I decided to go to the coffee shop in Downtown Royal Oak to do some reading and discrete spying on cutties. I was set. I had my hot chocolate, really long book, and a huge empty table with a view of the door. There was some guys who came in but most of them were getting their java on the go. Then in walks this 972 y/o man. I glanced at him and got back to my book, secretly praying that he wouldn't sit at my table in its prime location. So he circles the shop a few times and picks up a disgarded newspaper and then sits at my table! I was more than pissed. I decided to really put all my focus in my book and maybe he'd give up and leave. Nope. This old man had been on this earth for a reason. He wasn't going anywhere. He orders a cup of coffee, slurps it, and stays for most of the remaining 45mins I was there. Of course I told this story to Rican111 last night. She laughed and said, "Of all the guys in a coffee shop, of coures the old one comes and talks to you."

When I got back to town I looked at this great condo in Lansing. So far I have two options. Option 1 is in E. Lansing. Which is prime location, close to campus and will have great resale value. Downside: E. Lansing taxes are mega high. Now, Option 2 in Lanisng is great. The model that I like has 2 beds and 2 car garage, which is hard to find. Downside: It's in the city of Lansing (not a good school district) and the units won't be ready until Oct. And I have a Sept move out date. Well, we'll see how it goes. I still have time to sort it out.

Then, on Sat night I'm online trying to get my site up when this guy randomly IMs me on yahoo.com. I hate those people. How desperate for sex do you have to be to randomy IM people. Anyway, I told him I'd meet him at a restaurant not far from me. Then I did't show up and the place closed. Oops. Serves him right. Then he has the ordacity to IM me again when he gets home asking me where I was at. I told him I got held up at home. I hope that man is never allowed to procreate.

Not much going on today. Happy Easter. I did see City of God on video. I'm a fan of Netflix. If you need a friend on there, hit me up. Anyway, it was a GREAT movie. I'm giving it 4 stars.

So work is tomorrow. I have a meeting (well, better put, I'm attending a meeting with) some folks that I'm kinda excited about this week, and then there's a reception later on. This guy I think is cute may show up at the reception so I'll be looking my best. And that's all. Fin.

kiki! you've been on blogspot for 3 years now! who knew you had so much to say?!?!

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