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Sunday, March 30, 2008 


Baloo finally got a job. Well, he got a job offer. I'm elated, sad, and a bit frustrated. Let's get to elated first.

Baloo will be moving to Ann Arbor to work as a tree hugger. I'm excited because I'll have an excuse (and a place to pass out) to go to Ann Arbor periodically. For those who don't know, AA is a very progressive, liberal town. The University of Michigan is located there (a state school that has the credentials of a private school) and there's a lot of things to do. It's only an hour away, so I figure I could visit a least twice a month.

I'm sad because Baloo will be moving away. I've grown accustomed to him being next door to me. For over a year he's been my boyfriend who lives next door. This makes him accessible to shovel my driveway when we get a heavy snow during the day, and preheat the oven when I'm on my way home and I need to cook. This has also proven helpful when I've forgotten my wallet at home and need him to run it to me at work. So really, he's my errand boy.

I'm frustrated because even though he will now be employed full time, he still won't be making much money. He'll be making the same amount I was making when I first entered the full time working world 5 years ago. And in all reality, I guess he can make it work. I did. I lived alone and paid my bills. However, I did live in low income housing...but that's another story for another day!

I like the fact that I can confess things on the blog. For example this morning. I remarked that I saw a food processor at Target this weekend for $40. Granted, it's not a Cuisinart, but I can't afford a Cuisinart right now. So Baloo suggested that his mother upgrade to a new Cuisinart and we can take the old one. I didn't like what he was implying. Instead of continually getting the hand me downs of parents, why not, I don't know, make enough money to buy something you want. Or make do with a lesser model until you can afford the good stuff. I hate how much a leach he is on his parents.

And that brings us to India. (You can tell I'm on a roll, right?) Baloo's Indian friend invited him to India this summer to attend his friend's sister's wedding. OMG! I was so stoked! A free place to stay in a land I've never visited? Sign me up! I checked online for some quick and dirty research this morning and saw that a single ticket would be upwards of $2K. Ok. I thought. I'll get my tax return back soon. Instead of buying that Ethan Allen furniture that I want, I could save my pennies and my tax return and hold out on the furniture. It's not like the furniture I have can't last me another year. Baloo on the other hand basically looked at the price and wasn't too encouraged. I feel really selfish. I really want to go to India and I'd have no problem leaving him behind. Just because I'm better at saving money shouldn't mean I can't partake in this fantastic opportunity. Not only the chance to visit India, but a chance to partake in an Indian wedding. How awesome! In fact, none of me feels sad that he possibly won't be able to go. Hell, I asked him to come to reunion with me (~$100) and he still hasn't committed. I asked him this way back in December to give him enough time to come up with the funds. I have a feeling that he probably won't be showing up.

So there it is. I said it. I'm a huge bitch. I'm glad that Baloo got a job and I'm a little glad that he's moving away. I want him to know how much sacrifice it is to get up and work every single day and to make the money you earn go far enough to support you. I don't know where this will take our relationship. I guess only time will tell.

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how fondly i remember EZ Pad 1, most importantly, the HOLE!!!!!!!!!

I read your blog from time to time, but I have never commented. This post hits very close to home. I had a very similar situation with an ex-bf who completely lacked any understanding of finances, which led to endless fights. I don't think you are being a bitch at all about the situation.

Omg, I am so glad I don't have to deal with my ex and his sophomoric money skills anymore.

I lived in the Ann Arbor area for 13 years and I knew some tree huggers. He will not be making enough to survive there! At least not without roommates and a tight budget. But it's a job and seriously, you can't continue with him if he doesn't have a job.

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