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Thursday, January 24, 2008 

Road Trip Success

Well kids, I'm back from my road trip. It was a major success. Let's pick up where I left off:

On Sunday, Roomie and I went to the movies and saw Atonement. I recommend this movie. I thought it was going to be a romance, so I didn't want to subject Baloo to it, but it's much much more than a romance movie, and I recommend it to everyone. After the movies we came back home and watched the NFL Championship games and I got very drunk. But I rallied the troops because I woke up at 5A and started on my journey to Washington, DC.

DC was a blast! Baloo flew into town a couple hours before me so Kipper and Dr. Wave were nice enough to pick him up from the airport and take him to breakfast. They were so sweet that the didn't even give Baloo the gay while they were in his company alone. And for that, I am grateful.

Kipper, Baloo and I went and viewed the city while Dr. Wave stayed at home and studied for being a Dr. or something. We hit up the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean Memorial, the DC Service People Memorial (it's a sad little memorial that's really covered by weeds), the WWII Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the National Archives, the Natural History Museum, the Air & Space Museum (and the Air & Space McDonald's...classy!), the Capitol, and the White House. We got to see everything on my list except the National Cemetery, which I think was a success. Baloo has never been to D.C. so I wanted to make sure he saw all the good stuff. I've been to D.C. more times than I can count, so the trip was really for him.

We went home and met up with Dr. Wave and I called one of my H.S. friends to come and join us for dinner. Beautiful (that's what we'll call her, mainly cause that's what I call her) has been living in the city for about a year, and she doesn't know too many people outside of work. So, naturally I had to hook her up with my alcoholic gay best friend. Beautiful brought a gay of her own, and the six of us went to dinner. It was a great success. Beautiful and her gay got along marvelously with my gays. However, the evening came to a halt at the end of the night.

Truthfully, it was my fault and I've taken the time to evaluate the situation and apologize to Baloo. As background, I guess I'm very concerned about what people think about me and Baloo. Especially new people. Now, Beautiful is not a new person. But I wondered what she would have thought about our situation. I just got a new job as Master of the Universe, Kipper is in nursing school, Dr. Wave is in Dr. School, and Baloo works part time in retail. I wanted everyone to like Baloo. Which really wasn't an issue, and truthfully, I made the situation worse. After dinner we all went to a bar to have drinks. When Baloo and I went to the bathroom, I told him that he was being too loud at the table. I didn't mean to offend him, just give him a pointer. Well, when we got home from the bar, the shit hit the fan. Baloo was upset that I was embarrassed of him (not the case) and we had been drinking and arguing....at Kipper's house. It was a bit embarrassing. But looking back at the situation, I see how I hurt Baloo's feelings, even if it was unintentional. I really need to stop looking for approval from other people and live my own life. It's something I'm working on.

But other than our domestic spat in our host's home (sorry, Kipper!), it was a wonderful trip. Baloo and I drove the 10 hours back to Michigan and we've had a nice time hanging out together here at home before I start my new job.

The End!

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I believe the National Anti-Communism Memorial is the newest addition to the D.C. Mall.

I suppose it would be too much to ask exactly who "Beautiful" is. Never mind, maybe I'll figure it out on my own. Or you could, you know, give me her initials.

you didn't mention the part where i had to call the cops to separate the two of you or how you broke all our antique vases in a fit of rage!

but i jest. she didn't break any of the vases...

dr wave and i had a lovely time visiting with you and we're glad we got you sufficiently wasted. i'm particularly glad we achieved everything on the 'to do' list.

oh, and for all your readers, hopers hates baloo and thinks he's the devil.

the end!

you are always starting stuff. You are a troublemaker my friend! maybe you should throw one up in the air with him. that ought to calm your ass down. You already passed the test, its time to calm your damn nerves.... LOL :)

i demand new job updates!

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