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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 

You Still A N****r

There's a song by Trick Daddy called America. The song talks about black men achieving the American dream. The song goes on to say that you can be a Dr. or Lawyer or, let's just go there, President. And to many people, no matter your accomplishments, you're still a n****r.

You only got 2 bucks and give less than a fuck -- then you a nigga
Got a nice home and a Lexus truck -- you a nigga
World champions and you M.V.P -- you a nigga
4 degrees and a Ph.D -- still a nigga
You use your platinum card for ID's -- then you's a nigga
If your skin is brown just like me -- then you a nigga
Got a promotion and a FAT ass raise -- you still a nigga
You from the islands and your peoples wasn't slaves -- you a nigga
No matter how much your ass get paid -- you still a nigga
Shot by the cops at a traffic stop -- cause you a nigga
That's why I hold toast too
I sell bi-coastal
They inter-catching you with satellites in deep space
Now...Who invented niggaz in the first place?
And said America is the original birthplace?
Who gettin' 10 - 20 - Life on they first case?
My niggaz

I'm very happy for Obama's success. I think that this country is looking for a change from the status quo, and the country may think he is that beacon of change. I personally choose not to discuss politics here. However, it was this article (it's short, y'all) that made me think of the implications of a black man as president. I wonder if the country as a whole is really ready. I fear for Obama and what he may face as a black president. Do I think he can rise to the challenge? Absolutely. However, I think about his wife and his two young children and hope that they are shielded from the hatred and bigotry that will inevitably come from his possible election.

The story about Tiger Woods made me think. The man is a millionaire many times over. He is one of the greatest golfers of our time. From what I have seen in reports about him, he's dedicated to family and those less fortunate. He's an upstanding citizen. However, comments like "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley" still remain. It's sad, but I think Trick Daddy had a lot of truth to his message. No matter how successful you become and how much you blend into the established society, you're still a n****r.

Update: Sigh. I guess I've already written about this before.

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Unfortunately your blog about tiger woods is right on point. Sadly, you don't get more squeaky than Tiger and even so, this is what is apprently going on in the back of people's minds. White america probably feels the same about Obama. I mean look at his base. Young folks and minorities. People not fearful but welcoming to change. Despite all that, it can't stop us from pushing forward, b/c if we dont, who will? My fear is that Obama will suffer the same fate that MLK did. Did you happen to see how many body guards were with him and how closely they were following him at this past speech after the NH primary? You couldnt even tell Hilary had any with her (although Im sure they were there, even if for Bill :-P) That alone should give us an indication of what he is going through that he is NOT telling us. Hopefully we've grown in tolerance even if not in acceptance and understanding enough as a country to let those who have worked hard and deserve their opportunity, claim it.

Ok, so normally I abstain from making any kind of comment on serious issues, especially those such as race, but you drove me to it (in a positive way.)

As a social worker, I see what is essentially the "underbelly" of society, oftentimes dealing with the bottom 1% of the population. I diligently work with my clients every day, and when I talk to certain members of my family about my job, they assume that I am working with the "black community" when I correct them and inform them that the vast majority of my clients are not people of color they seem shocked, and that offends me to the deepest possible core.

They don't seem to understand how this is possible, but doing what I do, I know what I see, and I try to explain that people of color are not the only people who get their kids taken away, and in fact, the black community is in a minority, in an almost representative ratio to their population of the U.S. demographics as a whole... The fact that so many "normal people" refuse to believe this is possible is incredibly offensive to me, and in November, no matter what party endorsements might dictate, I fully intend to vote for Senator Obama, because I believe in his politics. But I do honestly do believe that there is a chance that there are intolerant asses out there who believe in irrational ideologies and might take it way beyond rational measures. I hope that this is not the case, and I hope that future proves me wrong, but either way, I know where I stand, and I hope that we as a nation can overcome our overall idiocy and elect a president who is capable of changing our nation for the better!

This a great post, Sista. I won't attempt to develop this thought or comment, but I had to mention it because it came so strongly to mind--I face the same thing being a kid from the projects. "Once a project rat, always a project rat" you hear and so the stigma goes, with or without some sort of valiant, apologetic afterward. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it's a fact of life that doesn't get talked about until it is talked about.

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