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Thursday, January 17, 2008 


I'm making probably my first road trip alone. I'm so excited! I leave tomorrow and drive to NC to see Roomie. There we will shop for bridesmaid dresses and get drunk. Then I'm driving to DC where I'll meet up with Kipper and Dr. Wave where we will get drunk and visit Tequila Man and Chips & Salsa man. Baloo is flying out to meet me in DC where I'll take him around to see our Nation's Capitol. Then it's dinner with the Kippers, Baloo, and my friend from HS. Then Baloo and I are driving back to Michigan!

I can't wait to get on the road and start my adventure. Everyone pray for my safety and I'll be sure to provide lots of pictures and drunken tales!


UGH! I don't see FL on there biotch!

you failed to mention that it was my idea to have baloo meet you in DC and share in the drive home to MI.

and that we'll be getting drunk with Hope too!

After you hit DC, you should swing up to NYC, then take 80 across to get home...

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