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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 

Fat Tina Fey?

So, after reading Jonathan's comment, I wanted to do a little more research into Tina Fey being fat. Of course, my research was limited to typing "Tina Fey Overweight" into Google, but I found that Jonathan was correct. A gold star goes to anyone who can produce a picture of tubby Tina Fey.

But that made me more angry. What right does she have to criticize Playboy or anyone else for reducing themselves to featuring only blonde, tanned, 98 lb girls? She gave into the hype too. Yeah, she said that she just decided one day to lose the weight. Whatever bitch! No one wakes up in the morning and just decides, "I want to be thin." No. We're bombarded with images of waif-like people and told that they're pretty and successful and rich. Or we know that in the industry we work in, the pretty skinny girl usually gets her way...or better ratings. So yes, I'm still on my unhealthy weight loss kick. But that's my damage. I'm just really upset that Tina Fey would pretend that she's so above the weight issue when she's a victim just like the rest of us. However, I'll still continue to watch 30 Rock. That show is hilarious!

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if tv has taught us anything, it's that fat women on tv must be lesbionic - like rosie or roseanne. OH! i found another one. their name must begin with R! I win.

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