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Thursday, November 01, 2007 

Here are Some Things I've Thought About in the Last Few Days

You never know when you're being watched. Like when I went to the gyno and was sitting in the room in my stylish hospital gown waiting for my doctor to uncomfortably probe me, I decided to stare out the window for a bit. And I watched a drug rep get dressed and get his materials together for his presentation all in his car. I then watched him as he went into the building to shill his drugs. He had no idea anyone was watching him. But I was.

Let's see. What else? We celebrated Baloo's birthday this past week. It was nice. His roommate and his girlfriend joined us at a nice restaurant and then we explored our new neighborhood bar. The verdict? We LOVE our new neighborhood bar. It's a sports bar with lots to games like pool and shuffleboard. And it's within walking distance. We have found our new hangout. Then Baloo's friends came down from Toronto to visit (totally unexpected) and they were the nicest people I've ever met. They are from India and were in Baloo's master's program before they both dropped out and moved to Toronto because Baloo's major professor is a bitch. Seriously. The man wouldn't sign documents for one of the guys to get his Canadian citizenship. All the prof had to do was verify that the guy had worked for him from year 1 - year 2. Instead, the prof refused to sign the document saying the guy owed him data....even though the guy successfully completed his masters in the program. It was pretty fucked up. But we had a wonderful time with the boys. You could tell that Baloo really missed them. It was nice to see his interaction with the guys and how much he really loved them. Man love is so sweet!

So I know I talk about Baloo's bff 'Laura' (I think I have a different name for her every time) but I have to bring her up again. Ana (Baloo's roommate's gf) and I decided to have a drunken conversation about love and relationships on the night of Baloo's birthday at abotu 4A. Which is the best time to discuss love and relationships. I told Ana that I hate Laura and she better step off my man. I know this is going to sound so stupid and immature and silly, but here goes. When I was on Myspace, Laura would constantly post messages on Baloo's page. So much so that the last about 25 messages are all from her. It makes her look like a stalker. When I switched over to Facebook, I decided to make Baloo's 'wall' mine. I sent him cute little messages and inside jokes. Well, now Laura is on Facebook and she thinks she can take over. Yes, I know that she's only written about 3 messages, but I want that bitch to know straight up that she's not welcome around the Facebook community. Yes. I know what I just wrote and I know how absolutely stupid this is and I know I'm 25 and should grow up. But whatever! This is how I feel! Deal! So anyway, Ana and I were talking about Laura (b/c she knows Laura) and Ana told me that Laura just feels left out because Baloo has dated almost all of her single friends but has never dated her. I told Ana that Laura is pathetic and unattractive and that if she wanted Baloo in the past, she could have had him. Now she's living in Denver and can't do anything about it. That's not my problem and is very immature. And, if she wanted to start something with me, I can sure as hell finish something with her. Ana said that she thought the situation was immature as well, but that some of Baloo's friends haven't reached the maturity level that I'm at (which scares me as a large proportion of them are married). So that's my beef with Laura. If you know who I am you can go to Baloo's Myspace page and see how obsessive she is with her messages. It's pretty pathetic. And you can go to his Facebook page and see how I've taken over. Damn. I feel like I'm 12. Let's talk about something else!

Alas, there is nothing more to talk about. Other than the fact that I go to work, go to school, and go home everyday. ND plays Navy this weekend and I'm so looking for a win! We MUST win or Charlie's ass is on the line. Oh, and Baloo's friends will be in town to celebrate his birthday (which was last week and they all bailed on me) and go to the MSU v. UM game. I've got a lot of work to do, so Baloo may be on his own with those characters. And I couldn't be happier.

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i did as you suggested and checked out "Laura"'s comments on baloo's mayspace page. um...homegirl needs to pick up a phone or pen a letter if she needs to talk to him that bad. i did find it humorous that baloo has barely posted on her page in response. it must suck to be unimportant.

that being said, if he was gonna boink the troll he woulda boinked it, i mean her. hopefully in the dark. that's how boys are. they like to stick it places. it's nature's way.

as long as baloo is shacking up with you, i don't think you have anything to worry about. you're prettier, aren't a troll, and have actually had sex with baloo. and she hasn't. for better or worse! HA!

the only thing you need to be careful of is coming across as a crazy girlfriend. he's known 'laura' a lot longer, and what i gathered from her 23849328398 posts maybe even they grew up together. it's possible and probable that he only thinks of her like a sister. but since she's been around so long, she's probably here to stay and you have to accept that. you don't want to get into a 'choose me or her' sort of thing cuz that is immature. now, if she has to desperately post stupid things in the internetsphere over and over in a desperate plea for his attention - let her do that. it just makes he r look stupid to everyone that visits those pages. and clearly, if she's doing all that shiz - he's clearly not reciprocating to her level of need. but really, who could.

so leave the poor ugly kid alone and let her be needy. at the end of the day you and baloo share the little 'luv' thing and have clearly been together along time and it's all good. if anything she's threatened that you've replaced her as his favorite gal, but she needs to come to terms with that. so the next time she posts, just laugh at her loneliness. repeatedly. possible even while you and baloo are doing it.

and if for some reason, he does poke that, which i don't think he will, you have an entire network of blog followers eager and willing to kick both of them in the nuts. hard.


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