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Friday, September 28, 2007 

Post 399.5

Ok, this is really my 400th post, but don't tell anyone. I wanted my 400th post to be all happy and to be after October 7, but I had to post now.

So one of my boys is getting married. Let me say it this way. When I was in college I hung out with a group of guys in a certain dorm. I'd known these guys since freshman year. We were pretty close, I visited their homes back in Dallas, and I even hung out with them on their birthdays long after we graduated from college. So I was kinda disappointed when I learned from a second hand source that, let's call him Mitch, was engaged. I saw Mitch at a football game last year and we had a drunken conversation about him getting married and how happy I was for him and whatever.

While talking to a mutual friend today, I find out that Mitch is getting married NEXT SUNDAY! At the Basilica! I'm pretty miffed. Mutual friend, let's call him Sean, thought for sure that I was invited, seeing as we were pretty close friends during college. I don't know. I am a bit miffed since all of the rest of the boys will be in town for the wedding too. To Mitch's credit, I know that weddings are HELLA Expensive, and it could just be that they had a budget to stay in and I didn't make the cut. But when I heard of some of the other guys who were invited (and couldn't make it) it made me more mad. Not really mad, more disappointed.

However, I plan on being the bigger person. I've heard that he's kinda stressing about the wedding, which is understandable. I think I'm going to give Mitch a call after the nuptials and just congratulate him and let him know that even though I wasn't there, I was still there in spirit (or maybe not. that sounds a little creepy.) Whatever. I'll think of something.

Look for my next post on or after October 7! That will be the official 400th post. Unless something happens between now and then then I have to just get off my chest!

ok honey, I got on here and began reading your blogs as promised. But 400!!! Ok, I dont have that kind of time woman! I mean I have like 6! LOL Lets just hope that you and I are good enough friend that I dont need the blog to know whats going on :) Cause damn it, I aint reading them all!

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