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Friday, November 02, 2007 

Being a Grown-up Sucks!

I hate being a grownup.

This morning I woke up to find mold on my boots? After doing a short search on Google, I found that the mold is due to not enough ventilation in my bedroom closet. After discussing this with a co-worker, I was told that I need a dehumidifier in my house. Yeah! News to the Texas girl. Goodbye $200.

Next, I thought about my brakes. They're pretty bad. So bad that I've figured out a system of stopping at lights and stop signs with minimal pressure. It's good to drive a stick. So I've decided I need to break down and get a break job. I have no idea how much that will cost.

And then I thought about my poor monitor at home. It's from college and it likes to give out on me. I've resorted to keeping it off most of the day (which I should have been doing in the first place) and turning it on only when I'm using the computer. So far, I haven't had to drop money on a new monitor....yet!

And I was so excited because I was planning on going shopping for some cute fall/winter clothes as a reward for getting all my reading done before my in class essay on Tuesday. Guess I'll have to put that off until next week.

I'm sure none of this would be an issue if I just resorted to putting things on my credit card and forgetting about it. But I'm extremely careful with money and I believe that I shouldn't buy something if I don't have the means to pay it off immediately. Which makes life in the short run kinda sucky, but life in the long run kinda bad ass!

Overall, being a grown-up sucks!


Being a grown up totally sucks.

I'm looking to buy a place when my lease is up, so I'm now obsessed with saving - and hoping I can squeeze an extra 100k out of my life in the next two years. ARGH.

BUT. If you get a monitor, look at Overstock. I have a coupon code for $25 off $125 purchase, and I'm always extremely happy with things I get there... So email me for the coupon. :)

i love dehumidifiers! we always had one in our basement growing up and i had my very own in all the SB residences. it's still with us today in the storage garage and i love him just as much as i did the day i brought him home!

there are also cheaper solutions than a dehumidifier. you can get products that remove moisture from the air that you could just keep in your closet. we sell several things like that at the mother ship but they're available everywhere. i use them in our bathroom to help with excess moisture.

also, the winter tends to be much drier than the summer so most people actually add moisture to the air to prevent shocks, chapped lips, etc. so just think about that before you spend too much money.

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