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Tuesday, August 21, 2007 

Still Here

Aww...It's nice to know that I was missed.

I'm still here. A lot of fun things are happening. The job thing is chugging along....I start school on Monday....and I'm helping out with my best friend's wedding. So it's hectic around here.

Baloo and I are doing fine. We had a bit of a tiff before I left for Dallas this past weekend. Basically I throw a fit everytime things change. This time, Baloo was considering work out of state and away from his Kiki. Although I encourage him to seek his dreams, the thought of him in the woods with some wood nymph trying to steal him away makes my blood boil. I tend to be a jealous girl.

Dallas with Daddy Kiki was awesome. I had my first beer with DK. Yes, I'm 25, but he has this weird thing about drinking. So, we went to Central Market to buy some buffalo meat to make buffalo burgers (they are totally yummy) and I happened to stroll by the extensive wine and beer aisle. And I picked up some St. Arnold Pilsner and dropped it in the basket. Daddy Kiki said nothing, and we ended up having beer and burgers like normal people that night. We also took advantage of the tax free weekend in Texas where I bought some great winter outfits for work.

So yeah. That's my life right now. Nothing too exciting, but lots of opportunities on the horizon. I can't wait till things start falling into place so I can tell y'all more!

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If I could live next door to Central Market, I would. Actually, I had an apartment at Lovers and Greenville when I was in college, but that was before they tore down the strip joints and put up the new store.

Why can't they have a tax free weekend in Michigan? Can you imagine how much we could all shop then?
We have one in Missouri but, if there was one in MI...well, it would be double fun for me!

Glad to hear all is well in yoru neck of the woods. What is this tax free weekend you speak of?

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