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Monday, July 02, 2007 

The Week From Hell

It has been a crazy week. Probably one of the craziest of my working career. Wish I could go into detail, but I can’t. However, I will say that I worked 12 hour days most of last week.

Aside from me working hard and not eating (which resulted in some awesome weight loss) I got to meet Baloo’s brother. I haven’t decided on a nickname for Baloo’s brother, so for the time being, we’ll call him Dr. Baloo, since he’s a PhD and all.

Dr. Baloo came over to my house on Tuesday and I made Smoked Chicken, Corn Pudding, Sautéed Spinach, and Key Lime Pie. Everything was a hit. Dr. Baloo was very nice. I’m not used to having siblings, so it was interesting to see the two of them interact. Dr. Baloo is like a more mature version of Baloo with blonde hair. It was pretty weird.

So anyway, Baloo spent the weekend with his family in Dayton, OH where they went down to celebrate Dr. Baloo’s wife’s birthday since she was all alone for a medical rotation. I was invited, but because I was working 12 hour days, I couldn’t get away to join them. I hoped I made a good impression and I kept asking Baloo what Dr. Baloo had to say about me. Apparently he called me crazy (because I was so anal about the food being perfect and everyone having a good time) and that I reminded him of his wife. Which I guess is a good thing. However, I’m so vain that I thought that they should spend the entire weekend talking about me and thinking about me. I wanted frequent updates from Baloo on what his family thought of me. Turns out, they think I’m a fun, crazy girl and they like me. So I guess I couldn’t ask for more.

In other news, I had to make an emergency call to Kipper last night to discuss something that Daddy Kiki said to me that kinda disturbed me. I called Daddy Kiki last night to talk about the nice time I had at the driving range and I mentioned that Dr. Baloo and his wife will be moving from San Francisco to San Antonio in the next few months so Dr. Baloo’s wife can start her residency. I commented to Daddy Kiki that it will be an adjustment for Dr. Baloo seeing as he’s from the country here in Michigan and he wants to buy a house on a couple of acres and Texas doesn’t exactly have that type of living in the cities. It’s very suburban. Daddy Kiki’s comment, “Well, they should feel comfortable since there are a lot of Hispanics in San Antonio.”

What? Come again? I told Daddy Kiki that I didn’t appreciate his comment and I don’t think they’re the type of people to base their comfort level on the type of people they are surrounded by. I asked him how we segued from talking about the amount of land they’ll live on to the type of people they’ll be around. He was confused. I was confused. He told me to forget about the whole thing. O.K. Whatever.

So I had to call Kipper to commiserate. Apparently it was racist weekend and neither Kipper or I got the memo. He told me a story about having a house guest who said inappropriate things. When Kipper told a story about someone asking a dumb question in class (Kipper is the smartest, thinnest, prettiest one in Community College finishing up some prereqs for nursing school) the house guest asked if the person asking the dumb question was black. Thankfully, Kipper had the balls to stand up to his house guest.

So that’s what I’ve been dealing with these past two weeks. Working my ass off, my boyfriend’s brother’s visit, and my racially incentive father. I hope this week is so much better!

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you're so optimistic to assume they mean crazy in a good way.

jeffrey dahmer was 'crazy' too...

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