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Monday, July 23, 2007 

I Drove All Night

Well, actually it wasn’t all night. I drove during the daytime. But I had a work thing all weekend and Baloo couldn’t come with. Instead he went up to his parent’s friend’s cabin on the lake and spent Thursday – Sunday with family. Although I was invited, I had to tell Baloo’s parents that work called and I wouldn’t be able to make it. Well apparently his father was devastated and asked every time Baloo and I talked on the phone when I was coming up. Well I surprised him on Sunday afternoon. Although I had to drive three additional hours to see him, I showed up on his doorstep. It was pretty neat. I spent Sunday with his family out on the lake. It was nice, but pretty windy so I was cold. We went tubing and Baloo went wakeboarding. I haven’t been swimming in ages so I was pretty thankful for the lifejackets when we were thrown off the intertube cause I kinda panicked that I was thrown into that much water. Yeah, I’m not that strong of a swimmer. I may think about taking lessons (again) sometime in the near future.

I was also up at the cottage last weekend too where I spent time with Baloo and his parents. And next weekend we’re going to the 50th wedding anniversary of the couple who owns the cottage. So we’ll be hanging with the fam yet another weekend. I think the month of July has been dedicated to me hanging out with the Baloo clan. And it’s been fun.

Other than that, my house is going to shit. Work is consuming me right now and I can’t talk about it at all, but I’ve been working long hours and haven’t been able to take care of my house. I’m hoping this week to get back on schedule and clean up and take care of my plants and flowers.

So that’s it. Hopefully once work slows down I’ll be able to have more adventures and tell y’all about said adventures.

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