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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 

Since Mrs. Pink Shoe kindly identified me as a Rocking Girl Blogger, I guess the least I could do was update the blog-a-roo!

I must say that I’m enjoying the monotony of being with Baloo. It’s nice having a steady, sane boyfriend. During the extended weekend, I met his brother, had dinner with his parents, watched fireworks, and played golf. And, during the time we weren’t doing things, we spent the time hanging out, drinking beers, and enjoying my air conditioning.

So on Saturday I went to Detroit to get my hair done and my beautician and I had an interesting conversation. Apparently she gives her neighbor’s daughter hand me down clothes that she doesn’t want anymore. Both the daughter and neighbor are appreciative, but never reciprocate. However, other neighbors bake cookies or send over food when she does something for them. The same thing with me. When my neighbor let me borrow his power washer when my house got egged, I baked cookies and sent them over to his house as a thank you. It’s just the neighborly thing to do.

I don’t like how people are so unappreciative and so unneighborly. Discuss.

Oh, and since I’m blogging, I might as well tell this story too. Because really, what would my blog be if I didn’t share amusing sexual stories….

So Baloo’s roommate is working weird hours this summer teaching unfortunate kids how to read good or something. So we’re not always sure of his schedule. I saw that the roommate’s girlfriend was visiting, but I also saw them leave, and I thought they were leaving for the weekend. So, we decided to cool off and take a shower over at Baloo’s place. Long story short, we got more dirty than clean, and when it was all over I heard the front door open and roommate and girlfriend enter. I was mortified. Even though we finished our performance, I was convinced that they somehow entered the house, heard the commotion, exited, waited like 10 minutes, and then entered again. I wouldn’t leave the bathroom cause I knew I’d have to face them in the living room. Baloo was totally unsympathetic and tried to convince me that they only entered the house once, but I just wasn’t convinced. I got dressed in the bathroom, bolted to Baloo’s bedroom, and I haven’t spoken to his roommate since.

The End.

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that's what he gets for teaching children to read. that's the job of parents before you start kindgergaten. if they can't read, they should teach themselves.


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