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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 

The More You Know

My boyfriend just called to tell me to keep drinking. He still needs to digest his Mexican Food but also wants to take advantage of my drunken state. Because I'm not one to turn down alcohol, I plan to oblige.

Oh, and Kipper is at Dollywood right now. I'm am jealous beyond words. No, really. I am. I'm not joking. If I don't get some souvenir from Dollywood, I will know that we are no longer friends.

Oh, and this site is making me feel 10000 times better about myself (click on portfolio).

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dollywood was/is amazing and you should be jealous. it was pretty and you would have been the skinniest person there.

and you did get a gift you gold-digging bitch. you'll get it at the tailgate.

There's nothing hotter than a drunk person and a person who's just eaten a big Mexican dinner groping each other.

I'm joking. :-)

That's actually not hot at all.


Are you home?

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