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Friday, July 27, 2007 

Taking you Back......

...to 1998. When I signed up for the new Hotmail today, I saw that I had an unsent draft email. I opened it up to see an email I sent to a Christian rap group who played at my Church back in 1998 (I was 16 years old!). Needless to say, I had a crush on one of these Christian Rappers and I was determined to make myself known to them. The email follows:

To The Cross Movement,

My name is Ms. Kiki and I was at the concert you had at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.
(The girl who sat in the front with the camera!)
I was so happy when I found your e-mail addy on your web site.
I must say your presence was a spiritual experience.
I praise God for allowing all of you to come and minister to us.
Your message was so powerful that I have become more prayerful and I read my Bible more.

Thank you for showing us God through your presence.
I hope you experienced much Texas hospitality while you were here!
By reading your bulletin, I know that you have many other engagements
and I will continue to pray for you all. God Bless ya'll!

Your Sista in Christ,
Ms. Kiki



It's the 'God Bless Ya'll!' at the end...I bet they would've written back.

Maybe you should send it now?

how long after this did you sell your soul?

We were both in Mr. Barrett's Bible study club together, weren't we? Maybe we had more things in common as teenagers than I thought we did.

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