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Saturday, June 23, 2007 

Egg On My Face

Well, it was more like egg on my house. Yes, I got egged last night. And I wasn't happy. I discovered the damage when I did the walk of shame from Baloo's house this morning. Three eggs were smashed on my garage and doorway. I was livid. What punk kids would think that was a good idea. By the time I discovered the damage, the eggs were dried and there was nothing I could do. I did call the police and made a police report. No other houses on my street were hit. I was hoping that it was just a random occurrence. However, those kids will get theirs in the end. Fortunately my neighbor has a power washer so the whole cleanup took less than thirty minutes. So, that was something good. The joys of homeownership!

And after a stressful week at work, this was supposed to be my weekend to relax! Oy vey!


My car has been egged before. Did you make someone angry?

those brats. i paid them for a dozen eggs! :-)

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