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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 

Well Fine!

Since everyone is too busy to comment, I'll just write about randomness! What do you think about that?! So I think I have a crush on Brian Williams. It started with all the Gawker coverage. Now I read his entries on the NBC Nightly News Blog. He sounds so real and sincere. Someone I'd like to have a couple glasses of wine with. Then we'd move on to beers, then we'd end up at a local dive bar doing shots of tequila. And if I wasn't with Baloo (he doesn't like me having crushes on other men) we'd end up at my place where who knows what would happen. And then Brian Williams would make me breakfast in the morning and give me a shout out on the Nightly News. Yeah. It could happen.

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I'm... Ron Burgundy?

I could never lust after a TV news anchor. Sorry, can't see it.

And you call ME a freak ;-)

~ Roomie

News anchors crack me up. The best thing? You're going to get to see him age poorly (as in, either he or the network will be unable to give up his youthful good looks and he'll succumb to botox and hair dye and fake tans), and if we're lucky, he'll get out of there before he turns into Bob Barker.

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