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Friday, October 13, 2006 


I’ve found myself preparing for the worse. It hasn’t been a full week and I’m already bracing for doomsday. I’m more sure that I’m going to do something to fuck it all up. Maybe he’ll catch me kicking a kitten or pushing a pregnant woman down the stairs. Or mistreating a tree. Something. And he’ll see me as the self centered bitch that I really am and he’ll see that I really don’t mesh with his hippie, nature loving crowd.

Now I definitely don’t plan on changing. If I had a choice between a $1000 pair of 4”
Jimmy Choo and a $50 pair of comfortable Birkenstocks, you know I’ll go for the heels. And I don’t plan on changing him. I’ve already told him I like his (very well maintained) beard even when he hinted that he thought he’d shave it. And I don’t mind that he only owns one suit. Which he only bought because he was in someone’s wedding.

But even with all that, I’m sure it’s all going to go to hell. Roomie asked me what I’m looking for. If I wanted just a booty call or something long term. I think we’re past the level of a booty call. But long term is just as scary. His longest relationship was 2 years. Mine was 3 months. Added to that, he just broke up with his girlfriend of 1.5 years 2 months ago. Which makes me think that I may be the rebound girl. Kipper told me if I visualize it all going to hell this early in the game, there’s a high likelihood that it will. Instead just focus on what’s happening today and let the rest take care of itself.

Fine. I’ll try to be relaxed. So long as no kittens or preggers women cross my path.

absolutely, smile and enjoy the moment.

and if he makes you give up jimmy choo shoes, dump him.

i would like to take this opportunity to point out that kipper does, in fact, offer decent advice sometimes.

he's beautiful AND smart.

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