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Thursday, September 28, 2006 

Well, Hot Damn!

Well I done landed me a date! It was so funny. I was contemplating all day whether or not to call David. By the time I got back to work from lunch, I decided I would call him. I made one business call and just as I was hanging up my phone, my cell phone rang. (Now that I’m thinking about it, I must have emailed him from my personal account 4 months ago…because that’s the only way he could get my cell number).

Anywho, he was calling to invite me to lunch. He suggested a Mexican place but I refused saying Mexican food should be savored and not rushed over lunch. I was hinting that we should try the Mexican place for dinner. He wasn’t picking up what I was laying down, so he suggested a Cuban Sandwich place instead. Cool. He ended up talking for a while after that. Telephone conversations are very foreign to me. I really don’t like talking on the phone and I find it weird to have a phone conversation for over 3 minutes. He likes to talk a lot so I sat in my office ‘guest’ chair and listened. Then I saw that my desk needed dusting so I went on an expedition for a feather duster. I stopped listening to what he was saying. I was on a mission to clean.

So we solidified plans for the middle of next week. I’m kinda excited. I now have a reason to work out tonight ( I was so going to skip the gym).

On a somewhat related note, I went to the Dr. today for my annual checkup. I was at the gyno on Monday. I know you wanted to know that. Kooch health is important. Anyway, they weighed me at both places. Why did I weigh three pounds less at the gyno than at the Dr.? I was livid! The Dr. tried to tell me that I was within normal
BMI range. However, I’m on the high end of normal and that isn’t acceptable. In my mind I might as well be in the morbid obese category. So Kipper (my enabler) and I tried plugging in acceptable weights over IM to see how we could both get to the low end of normal. I was so discouraged that I just wanted to go home and watch The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and sleep. But now that I have a date on the horizon, I will go to the gym. And I vow to be on the low end of ‘normal’ by Wednesday.

Dr. Wave said he was reading one of his Dr. Journals yesterday and that he found an article saying they're discontinuing the BMI index because it's so out inaccurate for most people. It doesn't take into account bone density and muscle mass and all that shift. I told him that was nice, but that both you and I are still massively obese and something needs to be done about it.

Because really, i need to lose 50lbs to be considered underweight. i think that's acheivable!

Woman. You are lovable no matter how much you weigh!

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