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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

This is More For Me Than You

Ok. I already know the first question. If this is more for me than you, why am I posting it on the internet? Not sure. Cause I'm vain and I like an audience?

I'm a part of this social networking group in town. We really don't do much. Sometimes we do volunteer activities. Most of the time we get together once a month and drink. I look forward to these meetings each month because I usually meet some new lansing young professional to hang out with. Every time I go to the meetings, I run into a guy. Let's call him David. He's very nice. Tall, awkward and goofy. He always gives me a hug and apologizes for not calling me to invite me to lunch. It's kinda a running joke between the two of us. When I first met him, I sent him the requisite email saying it was nice meeting him and I'm always available for lunch. The ball's been in his court for 4 months.

Last night I got to actually sit down and talk to David. When the meeting was over we decided to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant/bar we were at. Another girl joined us and then there were three. The other girl, let's call her Susan is a talker. She works in the local TV news industry and she's more self-centered than myself (shocking, I know!). The three of us had dinner and talked about everything from being black (Susan and I are black) to being women who are climbing the career ladder to our hobbies. I had pretty much written David off previously, but having dinner with him and Susan, I started to get to know him better. Not only is he nerdy awkward, but I also learned that he's Jewish, he was in a band in college, he's obsessed with music, he plays air guitar to Prince, and he did nude art modeling while in college. And although he's from the midwest, he's not from Michigan. He also listened. He listened more than he talked. He told me that behind my thick exterior I'm probably a very kind person and not the 'royal bitch' that I called myself earlier. It's sweet that he thinks that I'm kind. Because you and I both know that's a lie. (It's fun when people try to figure me out. There's a reason why I don't let people in.) And when he did talk, he had intersting things to say (unlike Susan who tried to relate every topic of conversation to her life). And there I was, sitting across from him and a bowl of hummus imagining what his O-face looked like and if he was any good in the sack.

So today I attended a Seminar for work that really had nothing to do with me. But someone else was paying for it, lunch was provided, and I was away from the office all day. I couldn't complain. I don't know how many of you out there have ever been on diet pills, but they make you really really focused and really really awake. I took 2 this morning. Since I didn't have to pay attention, I focused my eyes on the powerpoint and started daydreaming about David. I got through our first date, our first sexual encounter and what we'd get each other for Hanukkah/Christmas (I got him a very expensive tie as I didn't care for the tie he was wearing last night). It was nice. He may not be the hottest guy, but I can tell that he's fairly genuine and warm. And it was nice that we got a chance to talk and not drink. By the time we got to dinner, Susan was the only one drinking. Maybe that's what made her so talkative.

By the time the seminar was over, I was ready to get home to check my work email (we only exchanged cards, so he only has my work info). Naturally, I didn't get an email from him. I wasn't surprised. He is exhibiting a pattern of lack of follow through. That was probably about the time that the diet pills were wearing off. Cause I stopped thinking about where we'd spend our first vacation away and I started thinking about the events of the night before. On the one hand he did tell me I was pretty while we were chit chatting with a recent Masters recepient. But on the other hand I remember him telling this blonde girl (I'm so much cuter) that he would see her at home...

Normally I wouldn't give two shits about all of this. Kiki is a killer. If she wants something she gets it. But I'm kinda tired of being the cougar. I want a guy to chase me. Sigh. I don't know. Part of me tells me to just call him at work tomorrow and invite him out for coffee this weekend. Maybe I'll make the receptionist call him for me. I think I can handle the rejection from the receptionist more than I can yet another man.

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