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Thursday, September 21, 2006 

Goooo Irish! (GO IRISH!) Beeeaaattt Spartans! (Beat Spartans!)

This just arrived in my MSU mailbox. (Yes, I realize I'm a grad student there.) I like how I've never gotten such an email from ND. Why? Because you don't have to beg our student body to come to a game!

Fellow Students,
There's no need to discuss the importance of Saturday's
football game against Notre Dame. We're off to a great start this season, but we all know what's at stake this weekend. We've had a great week of preparation, and we are looking forward to the challenge of playing the 12th-ranked Irish on prime-time television. We need the full support of the student body Saturday night because the 12th man can be a difference maker. Please arrive early, make your presence known and have fun. Be loud and enthusiastic because we feed off your energy. You represent this university as much as the football team does, so please conduct yourself with class before, during and after the game. There will be a great deal of
regional and national media coverage for this game, so let's show everyone our Spartan Pride.

Go State! Beat the Irish!

Kyle Cook, David Herron Jr., Clifton Ryan & Drew Stanton
2006 Michigan State Football Captains

Translation: Don't riot and burn shit.

i also feel that they should tell their fans to not molest pretty girls and tell them their nipples are like midget fists.

Ah, yes, football. Or in this case, college football. What is the allure, I ask you?

For some reason those MSU students like to riot about football.
Have you ever seen a riot by tennis fans or golf fans?? No.

Hahaha! So true. Those MSU-tards always get rowdy after a game.

Please please please tell me you stayed for the entire game. And that you're drunk right now.


Yeah, I agree with Marcia - I SOO hope you stayed Roomie! I was so pissed until 4th quarter of that game - yay for not letting ANOTHER Michgan team f*** up our season!! :-p

~ Roomie

Good to see the message wasn't lost in translation.

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