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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 

A Girl's Best Friend

So when Daddy Kiki was here, we went to the bookstore. Barnes & Noble was having a great $1 book sale and I picked up this gem. I can not tell you how in love with this book I am. (Is that even correct sentence structure?) This book is better than porn. It’s 240 pages of pictures from Elizabeth Taylor’s private jewelry collection. And it’s magnificent. There are little stories about the pieces. Some given to her by Michael Jackson. The majority of them given to her by her true love, Richard Burton. I’ve decided that’s all I want from a man. I don’t need designer clothes and cars. I don’t even need a big house. I just need a man to buy jewelry for me.

My obsession with jewelry is all Daddy Kiki’s fault. Since I was little, I always got a piece of jewelry either for my birthday or for Christmas. In fact, when I received my very first bonus from my very first job out of college, I rewarded myself with a diamond and topaz necklace that I saw on consignment at a locally owned jewelry store.

I’m not sure where this post is going. I just wanted to say that I love jewelry. And Elizabeth Taylor.

just be glad there wasn't a picture of MJ's family jewels!!

I LOVE Elizabeth Taylor. We all need us a man that will just give us jewelry forever. It would make everything ok then.

I worked at a jewelry store for 3 years. Ohhh, the beautiful things I got! I actually saved my check stubs and the tags of all the jewelery I bought. I spent $83 more than I made. Crazy, huh? Mr. Man was very, very mad about my job for 3 years.

I wish I could buy about 8 wedding rings. One for each day of the week and a spare if I get bored with one.

Ohhh, I wish this thing had spell check. Sorry.

Preach on, Roomie. Preach on!

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