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Saturday, May 20, 2006 


So if any of y'all have Yahoo IM you know that at any given time that you're logged in, your gonna get some crazy people try to IM you and talk to you. Such was the case this afternoon. While looking for the nearest Roly Poly near my house, a young man IMed me and wanted to chat. Y'all know I actually don't like people, so I tried my best to be as distant as possible with him. Here is his response. Oh, and I haven't changed his screenname, just in case you want to harass him just for the hell of it! Oh, and P.S., I didn't delete anything I said. It's just that I chose to ignore him the entire time.

mark_0110: actually i don't care if you have a nice
day or not.. i think you've been very rude to me.. and i think that sucks..
mark_0110: but then again i doubt you give a crap
what i think or how i feel..

mark_0110: so i
think that this will be the end of whatever between you and i.. i don't care for
a woman like yourself that sits there and has nothing to say.. no interest in
getting to know me.. why should i waste my time on such a person?
mark_0110: i don't care for one sided people
mark_0110: but you probably don't give a shit, because you
don't really have any stand on anything
mark_0110: i will not be wasting my time on a person like
yourself..who has no clue about anything.. i can see why you're single

mark_0110: you have been deleted from my list.. and i don't
care to hear from your boring ass again.. what a loser
mark_0110 ..: actually go fuck yourself.. stupid cunt
tallguy49008: hello again.. think you could ignore me? well i will have the last word.. you stupid motherfucker.. i can see why you're single.. you definitely deserve it.. fucking loser

Someone needs to get laid!

it is kind of insulting how mean you were to not respond to my nice IMs!

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