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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Finally have a Crush

I'm in love with my golf instructor. Well, not really in love. Love is for the weak and mentally ill. No. I have a crush on my golf instructor. Today, while he was giving a lesson on chipping, all I could think about was taking him roughly in the rough. (You see how I did that? Roughly...like how I want to plow him, and rough...like a part of a golf course. Genius.)

Seriously tho. I can't figure out if he's over 30. Yesterday I thought he was, but today he looked about 27. He has perfect white teeth and he looks sun-kissed. Oh, and he smells good. Today when watching me chip he walked over and said, "Ok allstar, show me what you got." Oh I would have shown him what I'm capable of!

So that's the story of my crush. I only have two lessons left with him. However, I'm thinking of signing up for private instructions with him. You know. To find out if he's single and improve my game.

well stop being shy and ask him for a drink or somthin...

you have to understand kiki - if he's under 30 it's a no go.

i vote for taking him roughly in the rough. TWICE!

Definitely grab him and take him roughly in the rough.

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