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Friday, May 19, 2006 

I Know How To Pick 'Em

I just got off a 'date' with Ron White. We went to dinner and saw a movie. Yep, he drove all the way from Detroit to take me to dinner and a movie. Too bad I'm not attracted to him.

Please consider the latest email I received from a guy I had been emailing for a couple months. I'm telling y'all! I know how to pick 'em!

My computer is down now so I'm sending this from work. Your trip sounded nice. I love weekend adventures of new and interesting things
including relaxation. I didn't see MI:III yet. Maybe this weekend. I don't see Tom as scary and crazy. I know a lot about Scientology, being one myself. Tom is very passionate about helping kids get off drugs and helping them learn how to read. He's uninhibited and expresses himself freely. Many of the Scientologists I've met are some of the most intelligent, caring people I've ever known. Of cousre as in any religion you get a variety of people. Tom is definately
intelligent being an acrobatic piolet and all. When I get pictures of my kitchen I'll have to send them. It sounds like you appreciate art and creativity which is great.

Yeah. I'm so done with him!

Are you kidding? This is your chance to infiltrate the Church Of Scientology, tell us all its dirty secrets and then bring it down from within, preferably with a lurid sex scandal. Surely you can't pass that opportunity up?

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