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Sunday, February 12, 2006 


Oh poodle. I'm still trying to string along multiple boys. Sometimes the timing just isn't always right.

All day Saturday was spent with THM. He's really an interesting/funny person. Not someone I'd like to date, but definately someone I like hanging out with. I called him around noon and asked him if he wanted brunch. I soon discovered that food really is the way to this man's heart. So, we loaded up in his car and went to The Fly Trap. I'm really gonna stop hanging with him because I swear I'm going to gain 10 lbs, the way he eats. Apparently breakfast is his favorite meal of the day, and since Toast was full, we settled on The Fly Trap. And what did I have for brunch? This huge scrambled eggs, heuvos rancheros thing with lots of salsa and sour cream. It was really good.

While eating brunch, THM revealed that he likes gloomy days and is a dark person. I think he's an artist/creative type based upon the type of work he does. He has an older sister who's a hair dresser, he's the spoiled baby of the family, and he's a leo. While eating brunch we read the paper, and he decided that we should go to a movie. Sweet. We had a few hours to burn until Walk The Line started, so we walked around Ferndale (in the snow and below freezing temps) to a boutique where he bought an overpriced but very hipster looking shirt. From there we went to Birmingham to a skate shop (I also learned that in High School he was a skier and golfer) where he looked for a ski jacket for his upcoming ski trip to LA this week.

From there we went to the movie and then Kilwins because I'm a huge chocolate whore. It was nearing 6P when we headed back to his place, so we turned on some music, opened some wine, and ate teh chocolate. We both thought the mood was a little too romantic so we decided to skip all that and get right down to _________.

An hour and a half later, THM was hungry (again?!) so we headed out to Como's, a place famous for it's pizza, where I ordered a cheeseburger and THM ordered fish and chips. After that we went back to his place where we both fell asleep on the couch watching the Olympics.

Overall it was a great day. He was meeting his family for dinner this afternoon, so I left relatively early. I wanted to get home myself and just enjoy some time alone. During the course of last night, The Project (remember him, he's the 24 y/o kid who's balding) called and said he wanted to hang out. Too bad, sucker! You snooze you loose! He may have a chance this weekend. THM is gone this weekend for his LA ski trip, and next weekend for a family ski vacation up north. The Project may get some attention during the interim. However, I have to say, that so far, no one has been able to top THM. I may just have to do without for a few weeks and just exist on the memories of this past weekend with THM. Because, WOW! It was really that good!

seriously, kiki, sometimes you make me want to be single again!

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