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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Sorry the posts aren't very exciting lately

So I’ve been reading over my past blogs and it seems that they’re not a snarky as they used to be. Maybe because I’m continuing to stress about the details of my party and I don’t have the energy to be snarky due to my reduced calorie intake.

I do have to say hello to a new reader. Jonathan is added on the right and I went to high school with him. He posted on my Facebook page that he was shocked but intrigued by my blog. Oh Jonathan, like I said, I haven’t been all that shocking lately. Wait until after my super bowl party. Assuming that my ass doesn’t land in jail, there will be much more shocking stories.

I forgot to mention last night. I went to the gym, you know, for my last workout before my friends arrive, and the gym bitch almost wouldn’t let me in. See, at MSU, the gym isn’t free. It is a nice gym, but you have to pay $3 per session. Plus they make you swipe your student ID card. Now, I have an MSU student ID card even though I’m not registered as a student. Why? Because I’m slick like that. Anyway, I go to the gym at least twice/week, and the staff knows me and they usually don’t swipe my card. This new girl, however, wanted to be thorough, or whatever, and tried to prevent me from coming in. You can imagine what would have happen had I been denied entrance to the gym on the last day I had to work out before my party. That girl wouldn’t know the limitations of my wrath! But I told her that my ID had been demagnetized at the mall and I was going to fix it soon. She snidely remarked that I should get that taken care of soon.

Hmm…that story wasn’t all that good. Sorry kids. I’m working with limited material right now. Hopefully I’ll have a better story by the afternoon.

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