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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Soft as a baby's bottom

The story about the Super Bowl Weekend is below. But check out this story first!

Ok, hopefully I’ll have some energy later on this week to tell you about my Super Bowl party. It was really fun and I have tons of stories to tell. But first, I’ll start you out with my walk of shame this morning.

I met him on Sunday night at the Super Bowl party I was attending. I was sitting with Jules & Roomie when he walked up to me and we started talking. Being a bit intoxicated, I believe the first words out of mouth were, “I don’t fuck boys under 30.” To which he replied, “I’m 29.” I looked him up and down. He was cute. “I think I can make an exception for you.” We talked for a while and his friend came up to chat with us. His friend was cute too. My guy told me that he lived in (Fabulous) Ferndale and my spirits dropped a little. Earlier in the night I picked up a gay guy not knowing that he was gay. I thought I had picked up another gay guy and his partner. I asked my guy if he was gay and he laughed and told me he wasn’t. At least he had a sense of humor.

Jules, Rommie, and I were sitting down trying to sober up. The party we were at had unlimited food and alcohol for about 12 hours, so you know we were pretty drunk. We finally sobered up and went to the guy’s house (I’ll get to his name in a minute. Be patient.). It was cool. He and his friend shared a duplex. It was actually a pretty nice setup. It was like they were roommates, but they weren’t. We all headed up to my guy’s friend’s part of the house and watched TV. My guy and I were shamelessly making out on the couch. He was a very good kisser for a guy under 30. Soon it was nearing 3A and I had to get Roomie back to the Lansing airport for her 6A flight. (That didn’t happen. But that’s another story too.) So as Jules and Roomie leave to go out to the car, my guy ambushes me and we do one of those crazy hasty make out, throw me down, knock stuff off tables and make a lot of racket routines. Subtle. I told him that I had to bring Jules back to the Detroit Airport later on that day and maybe we could hook up while I was in town.

Cut to Monday. Fortunately I was smart enough to take Monday off work. After dropping Jules at the airport, I trucked it back to my guy’s place. We were both pretty tired. We both got two hours of sleep. He told me he went to bed shortly after we left, but had to be up at 6A for an early meeting. Always thoughtful, my guy picked up a couple movies (Wedding Crashers & 40 Year Old Virgin) and we settled in on the couch where we both fell asleep. I’m telling you, this story is H-O-T.

So cutting the part that is very interesting, but I’m not going to tell you about….we get to my guy’s name. So, we’re in bed, It’s like 8P, and he’s got his shirt off, and I’m scratching his back, when it hits me. He’s so soft. His skin feels softer than mine. So I ask him about it. “Do you moisturize or have some kind of religious daily trip to the spa? Your skin is so soft.” He tells me that he uses Dove and that’s about it. Then I finally figure it out. The man is HAIRLESS! Well, I mean, he had two full heads of hair (think about it) but other than that, his chest, his back, everything was hairless. So, I think we’ll call him The Hairless Man (THM).

So even though THM and I went to bed at about 6P last night, I didn’t leave his house until 8A this morning. I called into work and left a very cryptic message about how I was held up in Detroit, booked it home, changed clothes, doused myself in perfume, and grabbed a coffee at Beaners. I was one and a half hour late. I hadn’t been in the office for three minutes when my boss called. He asked me about the status of a project, I did some bullshitting, and he was none the wiser that I snuck into the office not three minutes before he called.

And how was my weekend with THM? It was very good. I thought we only had a nice time on Sunday night because we were both still intoxicated. But after spending time with him on Monday, I learned that even sober, not only was he an excellent kisser, but I got to cuddle up in his soft and silky skin. I’m so glad that I’m volunteering with the Detroit Alumni Club next weekend. It’ll give me an excuse to conveniently be in town to see him again.

More stories to come…..

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