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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Super Bowl XL

So I’ve told you about THM. Now time to tell you about the rest of the weekend.

The weekend started a bit weirdly. I drove to Detroit to pick up Jules and Quia. Fortunately their flights were arriving at the same time, so I didn’t have to make two trips our to Detroit. I picked up Jules first and then called Quia to see if she had made it in to the airport. No answer. Weird. So Jules and I waited around for Quia to meet us outside. After a few minutes, I got worried. There was no sign of her. I called the airline and they told me that her flight had landed. I called Quia again and still could not get an answer. Fortunately I still had our old work number in my phone, so I called her old job and spoke to her mother. Her mother told me that it was her understanding that Quia would not be coming to Detroit. Ok….well I was at the airport waiting for her and no one passed on this information to me. Her mother apologized and told me again that Quia wasn’t coming. Oh well, at least it freed up a bed at my place.

After picking up Jules, we headed back to Lansing where I picked up Tony and Elba. They were already drunk. Nice! We headed to the liquor store and then The Dungeon where we drank more and waited for Tony’s friends to arrive. In the interim, I got drunk, stumbled to my neighbor’s house, and invited him over to join the fun too. Josh was really cool, and during the course of the night we went down the street to drunkenly harass some other neighbors in the neighborhood. Because we’re fun like that. Later that night we went to Greektown casino for a party. It was cool. I was able to get my name put at the door so everyone was able to get in with no hassle. Detroit was mad crazy crowded, but everyone had a good time.

Saturday was a chill day. It was mostly spent drinking and hanging out. We got a real heavy snow on Saturday night so we decided to stay close to town and party instead. Well, that was until Tony got so drunk that he passed out. Fearing what would happen to my house with a drunk Tony left alone, Elba and I decided to stay at The Dungeon and chill while everyone else went out.

On Sunday everyone left except Jules and Roomie. It was time to party. Boss Man got us tickets to a private corporate game watch for the Super Bowl. And to top it off, he got us a free parking pass as well. If you were able to experience the madness that was downtown on Friday night, you’ll understand why that parking pass was so valuable! So Roomie, Jules, and I roll up into the party. It’s unbelievable. We check our coats and immediately get in line for drinks. While standing in line, we see a lot of people with food. It was at that moment that we realized that all food was free. And the drink line we were in….it was free too. And it was premium alcohol. No Papov or Boone’s Farm here!

After getting our first cocktail and our first shot, we headed upstairs where we discovered a whole other level of food and drink. Bar-b-Q, a carving station, a dessert table. To say the least, we were totally excited. Although there was a lot of food, we started out with fruits and vegetables. Cause we’re healthy like that.

Soon after, the game started. We couldn’t get a seat to watch the game, so we decided to take a stroll outside. It was hella cold. We took a walk by the river and took pictures. When we headed back inside we got another drink and decided to start mingling. I’m not real fond of Detroit men. For the most part, not a lot of them are extremely attractive. However, I did catch the eye of one man. “I like your glasses.” I said as an ice breaker. This guy was very talkative and clearly intoxicated. I don’t remember what he said he did for a living, but he told me he was 36. I was clearly interested. Sharp dresser and over the age limit. I could deal with that. I introduced him to Jules & Roomie and asked if he would do a shot with us. He agreed, and as I cornered him for a one on one discussion, he mentioned how much in love he was in with his partner of 7 years. Doh! No wonder I was attracted to him. The man was very much so gay! So we ditched him and his not so attractive friends and Jules and Roomie and I went to the car to change outfits.

When we got back, they were setting up the ice sculptures for the complimentary champagne toast. It was a nice set up. They placed caviar at the bottom of the glasses and fresh cream around the rims. Then they poured the champagne down the ice sculptures to make a champagne fountain. Classy.

After downing a couple glasses of champagne (did I mention that the open bar was STILL open 12 hours later?!) we headed to the front of the stage for the
Queens of the Stone Age concert. I have no idea who they are. But I was clearly drunk and I kept yelling things at the stage like, “Woo Hood! I can’t wait for the Biggie and Tupac Concert!” Heh. This behavior, of course, attracted the attention of two guys. One had hair and one didn’t. I started flirting with the one with hair. After several minutes of flirting, I find out that hair was married and bald was single. Boo! Dismissed. I ignored them both from that point on.

So, after the concert, we try to sober up where I meet THM (see above).

Cut to the wee hours of Monday morning when I’m speeding from Detroit to Lansing (normally an hour and 15 minute drive) to get Roomie on her 6A flight. Turns out they gave her seat away and she would be leaving at 11A. Cool. We go back to my place where I get 2 hours of sleep before I have to return the rental car. I get back home where I can no longer sleep, upload my photos (email me
here to get the link) take Roomie back to the airport, take a shower, take Jules to the Detroit airport, and truck it back to THM’s house for a movie.

For more information about my afternoon with THM, see above.

it's very fitting that you would pick up a gay man, as you are massively in love with daddy kipper.

that being said, i can't help but recall the last time you picked up a 'straight boy' at the club reunion concert. and dammit if it wasn't straight up until he slipped his number into my back pocket and we made out in his mom's car outside the marmain.

i'm classy like that.

glad you had fun and were a drunken screamer! that's my favorite kiki of all!

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