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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

What I did today

Today I had an away message up most of the day that stated that I was scaring myself with the amount of weight I've lost this month. Kipper suggested I not blog about this since people would think I had an eating disorder and ship me off to a treatment center. Therefore, I will announce that I ate a subway sandwich for dinner tonight.

Things have been quiet. I'm still preparing for my Super Bowl party this weekend. It seems like I can't stop buying stuff. Just when I think I'm done shopping, I'm buying more stuff. Today I went to Marshall's and bought an ankle length black coat for $20. The coat isn't all the cute, but I feel if I'm gonna be standing outside clubs in Detroit waiting to get in, I might as well be warm. I would post pictures of the coat but that would require me loading my camera software into my computer, and I'm much too lazy for that.

I have a conference tomorrow afternoon so I get to miss most of work. However, I also have an 8:30 meeting as well, so that's not much for balance. I do hope to hit hte gym one last time tomorrow before my guests arrive on Friday. I should have plenty of good stories/pictures from this weekend's parties. Just you wait!

i'm sooooo sad to be missing your superbowl/housewarming/day you were spawned under that moist rock/ celebration.

daddy kipper sends his best wishes for drunkeness and debauchery. and don't think i won't carry through on my threat to ruin your party from afar if you try to blackmail me...cuz you know i'm crazy like that.

and most importantly. happy 666th birthday piddle poodle! stealing souls and selling babies just wouldn't be the same without you around!!

adios mofo

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