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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Conversation from Last Weekend

Roomie: Julie’s boobs are so soft. I was just laying on them and they were so comfortable. Now I know why Ben likes laying on mine.

Elba: Cy does the same thing too. He’ll be crying and throwing a fit, and I’ll lay him on my boobs. He’ll have his head on one and his hand on the other.

Richard: That kids definitely knows what’s up!

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  • I'm young, single, got a great ass, a serial dater, a sometimes drunk, addicted to the gym, liable to make fat girls cry, have a mild ED, think Notre Dame is the greatest college and Texas is the greatest state. Currently at a standstill since moving from Detroit Area, Michigan (tons of yuppies) to Mason, MI (noted KKK presence). Come be a part of my random, shocking, and exciting world.
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