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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

It's All About Me!

I had a wonderful birthday today, due in part to wonderful friends!

I started today opening my birthday present from Daddy Kiki. We have a strict rule in our house that you can't open presents until after the time you were born. But I had a ton of meetings today and I would be in a meeting at my birth time so Daddy Kiki wasn't able to call me to wish me happy birthday when he wanted to. Therefore, he allowed me to open my present this morning before I left for work. Good thing, too, as I got a very nice purse from him that I carried around all day.

I also received the nicest phone calls from my friends. I'm not blaming the friends I didn't hear from today as I seem to have forgotten some birthdays last year, so I'm not upset that they missed mine.

Other than that I spent my birthday at the gym. No cake for me! It's the last day I get to work out before my friends arrive. Tommorow is dedicated to doing last minute shopping and then I'm off to the airport on Friday and the festivities will begin! I can't wait!

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