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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Getting Excited about a Boy = Not Good!

So I just got a call from the black guy that I’m not interested in. He wanted to know what I was doing this weekend. Hmm, maybe I should have been a bit nicer to him. I wanted to tell him that I was looking to score with THM this weekend, but I told him instead that I would be volunteering with the Alumni Club (which surprisingly isn’t a lie). I told him that we’re going tax prep for low income families and I’m looking forward to working with the club. He quickly mentioned that he also volunteers by mentoring young boys and added that he used to do volunteer tax prep for GM workers (and people like that) and that ‘those people’ were always disappointed that their refund checks weren’t big enough or they would be mad at him because when he was done, they’d have to owe the government money. Awkward. And a little bitter too. I told him that I was just happy to be working with the club and helping others, and possibly getting an opportunity to score with THM (well not really that last part).

Anyway, we chit chatted for a while and I was short but sweet with him. He told me that he was hoping that we could get together for
this movie but I told him that that’s not the type of movie I like to watch in a theatre. He told me it was increasingly difficult for him to figure me out and I politely told him that no one yet has been able to figure me out. Now that I’m off the phone with him, I kinda wish I was a bit nicer to him. I wasn’t rude, but tonight is the night that I’ve decided to call THM, and I understand that Karma is a bitch. If I want THM to be nice to me and let me come over this weekend, I should have probably been nice to the black guy (we need a name for him…I feel he may be a recurring character). So, we’ll see. Roomie and I already decided that my schedule for tonight should be a trip to the gym, home to shower, dinner (like that’s gonna happen), a glass of wine (that’s more like it), an episode of Will & Grace, and then a phone call to THM. Wish me luck.

Damnit woman!! You know what I told you about your blood sugar & getting cranky! Now is that how you want to come off? Besides, the wine will go straight to your head - then you'll be drunk when you call. That wouldn't be so bad though, as long as he was drunk too.

~ Roomie (Kiki's health advocate)

i miss the days when kiki would string along multiple boys at the same time with no guilt whatsoever...

what happened to her? i miss her!


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