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Monday, September 10, 2007 

Fights & Weddings

Baloo and I had a fight Friday night. Which is ok, because I’m understanding that couples fight. And we’re good about our fighting because we usually stay on topic and we don’t sleep until the issue is resolved (translation: I win) so I feel that it’s healthy for us to have disagreements.

Friday Baloo showed me the pictures from his friend’s wedding in Denver. Baloo was pretty disappointed because the bride invited Baloo’s ex to the wedding, but failed to invite Baloo. When one of Baloo’s friends invited him to go hiking/camping in Denver and also attend the wedding, the bride found out and basically said Baloo couldn’t come. I was pissed because the bride was being a bitch, so I made sure to remark on how fugly her dress was, how ill fitting it was, and how fat she looked while we looked at the photos.

So we get through the photos and I hold my tongue. The last thing I want to do is react in horror to his friends. But I couldn’t contain myself when we got to the reception photos. One of Baloo’s friends, let’s call him Mark, decided it was a good idea to take his shirt off (he wasn’t wearing an undershirt…skin to the wind) and dance around for the rest of the evening. Still, I held my tongue. However, I’m not good at hiding my emotions, and Baloo could sense me tense up every time a picture of Mark came up. He finally asked me about it and I had to tell him. I didn’t like Mark’s behavior. I told Baloo that I think everyone should drink and have a good time, but a wedding isn’t the place to get so blitzed that you take off your shirt and puke the next morning.

And that’s when the fight began. Baloo didn’t want me to censor his friend’s behavior “when we get married” (which I will get to later). I told him that I would never embarrass his friends, and that if Mark started exhibiting that behavior in my presence, I would politely pull him aside and jokingly tell him to put his shirt on. While making fun of the situation as well. Baloo accused me of not going to a lot of weddings. Which is true. I’ve only been to two weddings. One when I was about 13, and the other was Kipper’s sister’s wedding. I really respect Sissy (translation: scared shitless of her) and I made it a point not to embarrass myself. I even left early so that I wouldn’t have too much to drink so she wouldn’t throw me out. So yes, I haven’t been to a lot of weddings. However, I think that certain decorum needs to be present at a celebration of a sacred event. So we argued about that with each of us holding on to our opinions.

Then I started thinking about “when we get married” (which he took back almost as quickly as he said it) and I started freaking out. I feel like I’m meant for an Angelina/Brad relationship. I love Baloo and I want to be around him for a very long time, but the prospect of marriage really freaks me out. It makes me feel nice and fuzzy that he brought it up (even tho he took it back) but I am in no position and I have desire to get married. Maybe that’ll change, but it won’t chance for at least the next 5 years.

After our fight, we thought it would be a good idea to go out drinking, which didn’t help the situation. I was mad, we were both drunk, and we were both too stubborn to see each other’s sides. The night ended with us going back home and talking about things before going to bed. We woke up the next morning refreshed where I went to play with guns and we spent the rest of the day and evening together feeling better about our relationship.

So yeah. I hate fighting with Baloo. He hates fighting with me. But it’s not the end of the world and we always make a point to learn something from each other. We both learned that we shouldn’t drink and fight ala Amy Winehouse. Baloo learned that I’m a stick in the mud and I don’t believe people should get puking drunk at weddings, and I learned that if we ever do get married, Mark is so not invited! (just kidding!)

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i'm the first to encourage a good time, but that kind of behavior at a wedding is just plain crass. i went to a wedding once where the bride laid down on the bar, IN HER DRESS, and had the bartender pour tequila down her throat. i nearly died.

so i'm totally with you on that argument.

and i'm not even gonna touch that wedding nonsense. we're not ready for that yet.

Me too ... I enjoy the cocktail as much as anyone else, but there is a big difference between a wedding and a kegger.

A few years ago, I went to a wedding, held at a very nice restaurant, and the groom got so drunk that he ran outside and puked on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant - the entire front of the restaurant is a big glass window ... so we ALL saw it, eww. The bride was a nicer (or more drunk) woman than I would have been because she laughed at the whole thing.

~ Roomie

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