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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 

A Blog to Fill the Time

I just took a diet pill and I’m feeling all kinds of alert and crazy. Don’t worry. I also joined the gym again as well. I just feel like I need a hobby and goal. And what’s a better goal than losing weight just because?

Baloo thinks I need friends. Like a girlfriend. Not like a girlfriend (not that he’d be opposed to that) just a friend who is a female. I guess. My best in-town girlfriend who lived down the street just moved to backwoods Michigan. I miss her. She was awesome. I guess I could make a grad school friend. It’s just that I really don’t like people. They have too many problems that I really don’t care about. That’s why I like the friends I have. They all live all over the country (and one is moving back to Japan) and we usually don’t talk to each other more than once a week. It’s the best relationship ever. But I guess Baloo just wants me to have people to hang out with. I’m fine where I’m at. Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo, and Jack Daniels are the only friends I need.

What else to talk about? Not much really. I’m super excited to be working out again. I love grad school. I’m thinking about getting involved with the Black Graduate Student Club on campus. That should be a good time. Did I tell you that one of my girlfriends just passed the Bar and my other girlfriend is getting married and I’m her Maid of Honor? That’s exciting. See. I don’t need more girlfriends. The girlfriends I have are more than awesome on their own!

This diet pill is really doing a number on me. That’s what happens the first day that you go back on them. That’s why you only take one the first day. If I would have taken two, it would have felt like my heart was about to explode. And no one wants that.

Ok kids. I hope everyone is doing well. And don’t forget to comment. The amount of comments I get is directly proportional to how much you love me. (Sorry. PMS makes me needy.)


My advice? I'd lay off the booze and pills and switch to something less likely to give you an aortic aneurysm. Cookie dough and popcorn is pretty innocuous.

that's the worst advice ever!

Sorry I haven't been commenting of late... I'm an ass like that sometimes.

You're right though, Johnny, Jack, and Jose really are some quality friends... They are always there for you when you need them, and aside from occasionally running out on you, they will assist you in drowning your sorrows or celebrating your victories. Baloo is full of it, it sounds to me like you're staying plenty busy.

I tried the diet pills once - I started with two pills. My hands were so shaky that I couldn't work that afternoon (I was still drawing blood at the Red Cross - would you want to come at you with a needle and a hand that can't stay steady??) I'm tempted - especially since I have to squeeze my ass into a wedding dress soon!

How are the 3 amigos doing? I've not chatted with those guys in a while... THEY can keep you warm on a chilly fall night!

~ Roomie

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