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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 

Election Day

Can I tell you how excited I get on Election Day? I don’t know what it is, but Election Day makes me giddy. My routine is as follows:

About a week before the election, I either get a newspaper or go online to see the candidates in my district. This time, I found a
handy site on the Lansing State Journal’s website that allows me to key in my zip code and then compare and contrast candidates based on a list of questions. I can then select who I like best, print out the results, and take them with me to the polling place.

On the morning of the election, I usually go to my polling place and vote before work. However, I realized that the polls are open till 8P so I decided to go to the polling place at lunch. The last time we had an election, I was the second person to vote for the entire day. I was kinda stoked. However, Bossman wanted to go to lunch today so I didn’t get a chance to vote at lunch. No fear. I’ll just vote on my way home. I usually like voting in the morning because the old ladies give you a sticker that says ‘I Voted Today’ and I like to wear it all day. Even at work.

But I like the anticipation of the whole process. I kinda wish I was a part of some campaign so I could go to a bar and watch the election results and drink some beers. Talking with my fellow campaigners about what a great job we did to try and get our candidate elected. But let’s face it. The only reason I like that fantasy is because 1) I like to drink with crowds and 2) I think some political type guys are kinda cute. I do not, however, like campaigning, I don’t believe in people or their ideas, and I’m lazy. So me working on a campaign staff would never work.

That’s all. Go vote.

Oh! You make me miss Michigan!!

When I lived there, I loved to vote as well. Most people would actually talk about issues and politicians. I remember standing in long lines waiting to vote and I felt so proud to be an American!!

Now, I live in a state of knee-jerk republicans. Most people don't seem to vote, but they have opinions that seem to me conservative, bordering on racist bigotry. Frustrating!

Good for you for voting!

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