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Friday, July 28, 2006 


Please help me out with this.

1) Read this

2) Specifically read the third comment (by Miss Kiki) and the fourth comment (by LB)

Can anyone explain this to me? I'm not sure who 'LB' is. As for trying to be his/her friend, I don't have many friends and I barely like the ones who I do claim as friends. (being sarcastic)

What are jibblies? Do I even have any? Can I sell them for parts because I don't seem to be using them...I don't think.

Is this what it's like to be high? If so, children, DO NOT do drugs.

And, apparently immolate means to kill oneself. Great. And to top it off, I have an anonymous person's blood on my hands.

Welcome to the weekend!

Edit: I just read 'LB's' first comment. I guess this person is just a prankster. Ok. I get it. I think.

Unrelated...no home tour?

immolate means to set oneself on fire, i believe.

i read that comment too and thought...hm, kitty can scratch is attracting some freaks!!

jibblies are your balls right?

LB is my friend LunchBox from ND. He leaves bitchy comments like that all the time. Just ignore him.

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