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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

Tour Of Homes

So here's the thing about my home tours post (which was supposed to be up yesterday). I was in the middle of writing a witty post until Blogger refused to post any of my pictures. Then, my Internet Explorer crashed before I could hit the handy 'Save as Draft.' Then I thought. This is a good thing. The pictures of my house make me look like I live in squalor and I wanted to post new pictures after I cleaned up for Daddy Kiki's annual visit. However, I will now post my tour of homes post a day late.

Let's start with the 'office.' This is where the magic happens. Let me point out a couple things. First, yes that is the Texas flag above my computer and there's a neat story behind that flag. At my high school we have an annual auction. During my senior year, my class donated a flag signed by our class to the auction. Trouble was, we all signed the flag on the wrong side. When one of the senior moms found out, she was non-too-pleased and gave me the faulty flag. We then had to sign a second flag for the auction. Therefore, I got the original flag.

I don't have a background to my computer desktop as I use my work computer more than my home computer. I'm not a big coffee drinker. That coffee cup previously held a rum and diet coke. I've been drinking a lot this week.

I bought the printer brand new for $5.99 at ABC Warehouse. I only used it when I volunteered for the tax preparations this past April.

Moving on to the Living Room. This room is a mess. I don't believe in cleaning mid-week. I believe that when I come home from a long day of work, I don't have to clean. I do clean like a feind on the weekends. There's a blanket and pillow on the couch. This is because I take 30 minute after work naps on the couch while watching reruns of That 70s Show. There's an empty bottle of Blue Moon on the coffee table. I like to have references to my alcoholism in every room of the house. If you look carefully you can see a discarded bra and a couple pairs of pants on the floor. In the summertime I don't believe in wearing pants. It's too hot. After my shoes, my pants are usually the next thing to come off my body after walking in the door. They usually don't make it down to the dirty clothes hamper until the weekend...when I do my cleaning.

Oh, and I've been in the Dungeon for a year and I still don't have anything on the walls. I'm the worst decorator ever. I think that if I decorate it means that I'm staying for a while. Hopefully that will change when Daddy Kiki comes tomorrow. He's agreed to help me pick out a paint for the guest bedroom. I feel if I start with a small room I'll be more inclined to take on larger projects.

Speaking of the guest bedroom, I haven't been in there for a few days. However, there's not much in there. I've stripped the bed of its sheets and all that remains is my Wonder Woman Barbie Doll. It's not much to look at.

From the Living Room we move into the kitchen. I'm disappointed that there's actually food in my fridge, so I won't show you the contents. However, I will show you the discarded lime from one of my many Diet Cokes and Rum as well as an empty bottle of champagne. The champagne was bought when Roomie came to visit a couple of weekends ago. I tried to finish it last weekend but it was flat. So I left the empty bottle on the counter.

Now we'll head downstairs to where all the madness takes place. The heart of The Dungeon, my bedroom. Not everyone is invited to the heart of The Dungeon. If you haven't fully met my approval, the most you will see is the guest bedroom. So far, I believe only one person has been invited to The Dungeon, and that is the Young'un. I was going through some old notebooks the other day and I stumbled upon the dimensions of my room. My bedroom is the size of a NYC apartment. It's pretty big. I'm showing you a corner of the room. Still no decorations in The Dungeon. On the floor you'll see some neat wall candle holders that Roomie got me as a housewarming present when I first moved to Royal Oak. I hung them there, and when I lived in Mason. I haven't hung them in The Dungeon. You'll also see a cute bear that Smitty got me as well as my figure skates that need to be sharpened before I use them again. Oh, and a bag from Vickies. Despite the fact that I'm not getting any, I still can not stay away from Vickies and their lingere. Does anyone else have this problem?

Well that's a short tour of The Dungeon. I promise I don't live in squalor, and it will all be cleaned up before Daddy Kiki's arrival tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited that Daddy Kiki will be here. I hope he buys me things (for the The Dungeon). We're also going to paly tennis everyday and he will cook for me and treat me like his princess. He's supposed to be here for 6 days. I can only wonder how many fights we'll get into!

Enjoy y'all's weekends!

Interesting idea for a post. Oh, yeah, and Michele sent me. :)

I like your take on giving us a tour of your home. I laughed throughout your entry: you are a very funny writer!

Nice meeting you from Michele's. Thanks, also, for dropping by my blog. I look forward to e-seeing you again soon.

Hi, Kiki, I saw you at Michele's. I posted my office for the tour of homes, but nothing else. I had previously shown some photos of my living room and my guest bath, so I didn't want to repeat.

You are very funny! But you need to clean up before your daddy gets there!! And don't fight with him. Just be glad you still have him around.

haha kiki. great post. im scared to post my photos of my flat in london as its just too damn small to peak any real interest or excitement.

here from michelle's. thanks for the tour...

I've seen that most bloggers now have a tour of home posts. You have a nice place albeit it's a bit messy I hope you dont mind me saying this. lol!

you say you have a mile case of ED. I didn't know that women could have erectile dysfunction.


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is it wrong i'm both fascinated and repulsed by the fact that seven random strangers now have seen the inside of the dungeon and told you to clean?

this is a NO PANTS ZONE. YAY!

i can't wait for the fights with daddy kiki to start! is that wrong?

i like your choice of booze.

i am with you on starting the strip down as soon as you walk in the door.
sometimes, i start the strip in the car after i leave work, so i have panty hose and bras in the car as well.

i agree about only cleaning on the weekends. oops, speaking of which it is 7 on sunday evening and i have not cleaned the bathroom.
i need to get off the computer!

Holy crap! Everyone came over to see your place from Michelle's blog. Whoever she is, she's really popular.

I feel complete now that I've seen the dungeon. It's very nice and I'm sure it will sparkle after a bit of sprucing up. I wouldn't clean until the weekend either, so you're ok in my book.

I love how you randomly have ice skates sitting on your floor. YOu are classic!

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