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Thursday, July 27, 2006 


I get an AIDS test once a year. It has nothing to do with the unpleasentness of last weekend. In fact, I got the test before last weekend occured. I generally think it's a good idea for single folks to get tested every year. Knowledge is power.

Although I've been through this process four times before, I still get really nervous about an hour before I'm supposed to get my results. I keep thinking, "What If...." I played that game with myself today at work and I was counting the minutes until my work day was over. What if I have it....what will I do? who will I tell? Apparently Kipper made it known to me that he didn't want to know. He told me that he's not my shoulder to cry on. Good. I'll keep that in mind.

Unfortunately, or maybe just stupid on my part, I get tested in the same place that I do my volunteer work. Fortunately the facility is big enough that I usually don't run into the same people twice, but today the results guy said he recognized me. I know, dude. I'm there pretty regularly doing volunteer stuff. My alias just flew out the door. Everyone knew that I was one of the two people to get tested at that facility that month.

Everything went well. I got my results. "Non-reactive" it says. I was releived. Not that I thought that I had AIDS, but still. I want to wear my test results out in public! Look! No diseases! But instead, it will go in my 'secret drawer' next to the naughty things so if anyone asks for proof, I can show them.

And if you're single...Go get tested. That is all.

it's not that i didn't want to know what your results were. it's that i would no longer be your friend if you were positive.

see the difference?

my 40th birthday is coming up and i am thinking of getting tested, just to know.

i heard that you have to be celibate for 6 months before the test because it takes that long for anything to show up.

is that just some random piece of mis-information?

well, doesn't matter, i go several years between lovers anyway.

TMI: i don't have a lot of sex but i when i do, i choose really slutty guys and i am never sure of the monogamy issue.

thanks for blogging about getting an HIV test.

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