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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 


So I’m staring out the window at work this morning and I see a kid (well, at least a college student) riding a bike and get pulled over by a cop car. I continued to watch. The kid looked clean cut and had on a backpack. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, but then again, I don’t believe there’s a bike helmet law around these parts. The cop asked for the kid’s license and sat back in his squad car. Then a cop on a bike pulled up to talk to the cop in the car. The bike cop rode off and the squad car cop gave the student biker a ticket (or a warning…I couldn’t tell by my view, but the kid was definitely handed a piece of paper)!

What’s up with that? Why would he get a ticket? What did he do? Who will answer my question?

it was racially motivated!!

or maybe he was so ugly they had to cite him.

or perhaps he ran a red light or failed to use proper hand signals.

or he staged the whole thing to get your attention.

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