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Monday, July 10, 2006 


Someone new is reading my blog. And I decided I'd steal from her:

I AM: super excited at the moment
I WANT: a dodge
I HATE: children
I LOVE: nothing. it's an empty emotion.
I MISS: my friends and my Daddy Kiki
I FEAR: you don't fear much when you're in regular council with satan
I HEAR: voices

I WONDER: if i'm on the right path to success
I REGRET: no regrets. It's been a fun ride.
I AM NOT: tall
I DANCE: like a stripper

I SING: showtunes
I AM NOT ALWAYS: clean. showers are hard, y'all.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: things hard.
I WRITE: Sista sLedge.r
I CONFUSE: this statement confuses me
I NEED: to work out/lose weight
I SHOULD: register for my fall class
I START: with gusto
I FINISH: first

Who are you?

I feel I should fill this out every few months......

it's true, showers are hard.

I AM: confident with the direction of my life at the moment
I WANT: a new camera
I HATE: traffic
I LOVE: my family
I MISS: my sister
I FEAR: losing someone close to me
I HEAR: music, esp 80's music
I WONDER: if I will ever meet a decent guy in the OC
I REGRET: nothing
I AM NOT: in great shape
I DANCE: in my room naked
I SING: 80's music
I AM NOT ALWAYS: sure of everything
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: things hard....fucking riot Kiki
I WRITE: press releases all day
I CONFUSE: success with money
I NEED: to lose weight
I SHOULD: be working right now
I START: excited
I FINISH: exhausted

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