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Monday, July 10, 2006 

Roomie Pays Me A Visit

The weekend started exceptionally well. The Young’un came over. It was good very good. After leaving sleeping beauty in bed, I went upstairs to start cleaning up for Roomie’s arrival. I opened the curtains in the living room to discover a huge raccoon squished and lying in the road smack dab in front of my house. My first thought was to call Daddy Kiki. He suggested I scoop up the mess, place it in a garbage bag, and keep it in the backyard until trash day. I immediately hung up with him. Daddy Kiki apparently is no country boy and knows nothing about the disposal of road kill. My second thought was to wake up Sleeping Beauty and put him to work. But since both of us participated in a lot of work that morning, I figured he needed his sleep. Always the independent woman, I called animal control and they directed me to the appropriate people to call. Within an hour, there was someone at my house removing the dead raccoon. I felt like I accomplished something big.

About half an hour after the raccoon left, Roomie appeared! It was so nice to see her. After we girl talked for a bit, I woke up the Young’un and sent him on his way. Roomie let me know that I had a cute one (he is very attractive) and a sweetie. I felt kinda bad about kicking him out, but it was 1:00. It was time for him to leave.

Roomie and I had a very nice time together spent shopping, having pedicures, and eating healthy and rewarding food. Later Saturday we went to Cosi and Coldstone and walked around East Lansing. Then we went back to The Dungeon where we started in on the drinking. While we were out, Roomie picked up some Tahitian Vanilla Martini mix from Williams Sonoma. I was expecting it to taste like vanilla ice cream. It tasted like vanilla extract. That’s ok. Ever resourceful, I diluted the very strong martini with champagne. Then I introduced Roomie to the joys of Vodka and Champagne. I do know how to drink my liquor!

After my last failed attempt at getting a cab from my house to East Lansing, I wised up and called a couple days in advance and reserved a cab. They came promptly at 11:30 and we were able to drink to our hearts delight without worrying about DUIs. We started out at Rick’s. I wanted to go there because every time I go to East Lansing, there’s a long line at that place. On Saturday, the line was pretty short. The reason was because there are practically no kids on campus during the summer. I really should have known that, but for some reason I didn’t. Rick’s had a band all night so we skipped that and went to Club 131. They had a DJ who was spinning good music but there were undesirables there and a $10 cover charge since we didn’t have our college IDs on us. No way. We ended up at The Post where the DJ was playing decent music until he then started playing House music, then 80s music, then hip hop. It was very disjointed but some chick wanted to dance with me and she was fun. I also remember why I don’t like college bars. No one offers to buy you a drink. Stupid poor college students. Roomie and I then ended up at some house in East Lansing were the kids were playing in the streets and having a water balloon toss. It was fun for about 2 minutes. I mentioned to Roomie that I think we’re getting too old for this. I called a cab and we went back home.

On Sunday we got up, watched a movie on the couch, recovered from our hangovers and then went to Chipotle for lunch. And then Roomie left and I slept for the rest of the day.
I’m so glad Roomie came. She made Lansing a bit more fun for just this weekend.

Now I’m preparing for my next visitors. Daddy Kiki comes for his annual visit at the end of the month, and Daddy Kipper & Dr. Wave make a pit stop at The Dungeon during their road trip through Canada…or something.

i am hurt and angered that you failed to mention that you called daddy kipper at 2:30am in the morning, and he was still awake playing sudoku puzzles and talked to you for 10 minutes.

Not only did I get a chance to see Ms. Kiki for the weekend, but she helped break up the monotony of staying in the Fort for a week. Thanks for being a fabulous hostess -

And yes, the Youngin' gets my official seal of approval ;-)

~ Roomie

One last thing:

Vanilla mix, vodka and champagne - a delightful but dangerous combination!!

~ Roomie

Champ and Vodka...so Sex in the City!!!
If you added Pineapple Juice, you would have a flirtini!
Hm...I think this will be my Friday Drink!

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