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Monday, May 29, 2006 

Chillin 'n Grillin

Yesterday I grilled. It was a long process and I had to call Daddy Kiki about 3 times to figure out how to start the grill, but I was successful. I have a smoker which is really cool and I finally gae up trying to the charcoal with paper, and broke down and used lighter fluid. Daddy Kiki said the lighter fluid gives the food a different taste and encouraged me to try to do it with paper next time. I might do that.

So, here is evidence that I now know how to grill. I made a sauerkraut topping and cooked that over the grill as well as my hot dogs. Mmmm! This will last me the entire week!

that's an awful lotta food, fatty! :-P

you're my kind of cook - do it once, then eat it all day.

um, and by day, I mean week. Shit. Early morning posting = bad.

but did you make the saurkraut :)

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