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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

My life is so less complicated when boys aren't involved

I’ve been tempting the parking gods all day. If you know Downtown Lansing, the meter maids are relentless. This afternoon, I didn’t even put money in the meter when I went to lunch. When I came out an hour and a half later, no ticket. My luck is so good I’m gonna go out and buy a lottery ticket.

I went to lunch today with a boy I met thru a networking organization here in Lansing. I met him last week and sent him an email the next day. He responded and suggested we go to lunch. We met up today. When I met Jason, I knew I wouldn’t be interested. Sure, he was attractive, but he graduated from college just last year, so of course, he was much too young. But I thought he was a cool person and maybe I could pick up a new drinking buddy. Because you can never have enough drinking buddies.

I met Jason at a small Mediterranean place downtown. He was hot. Naturally. We sat and chatted. It was a nice lunch. We talked about everything from homeownership to men who marry women ½ their age. We talked golf, tennis, Notre Dame. An hour and a half later when we were finally done, he offered AND paid for lunch. (There’s a difference between just offering and going thru the deal. He did both.) But then he threw a wrench in my happy lunch. He handed me a brochure for his company. It’s a list of questions for me to answer to find out if I need to use his business services. As he handed it to me, he asked me to fill it out and then call him later and we could go to lunch again and go over my answers. Before we parted ways, I invited him to a party that I’m hosting for work. I told him that there will be free food, and since I’m planning the whole thing, he’s welcome to stop by. He told me he would love to.

Then, I get back to the office and I already have an email from him. When we emailed to set up lunch, I used my personal account. However, when he emailed me this afternoon, he used my business email account which is listed on my business cards.

So here’s what I think. I think he’s just good at his job. I think he paid for lunch b/c he can write it off as a business expense. I think he gave me the brochure because that made it more legit that he was looking to make me a client. I think he used my work email address to again make it legit that he went to lunch with me to procure a client. So, where do I go from here? He is cute. Make out cute not anything else cute. You know my mantra. I don’t fuck boys under 30. But do I invite him to my work party? How long till I call him to discuss my “answers” from his brochure? Do I ever call him back at all? See, my life was so much better and less complicated when a boy wasn’t involved. Boys suck.

i like it when you put pictures in your posts to break up all the words. you know i can't read very well.

that being said - there's always something to be said for corrupting a young, impressionable, hottie. lord knows it happened enough times to us. time to return the favor!

Boys do suck. I met a hottie just last weekend, we went home and made out for hours on end. Woke up in the morning, told him I had to leave around 11 and he never even asked for my number. Thanks, buddy!

Email the guy and ask him to dinner. They try to sell him something in return. Beat him at his own game.

You're preaching to the choir, dear. What the hell kind of questionaire did he give you? Was he trying to sell you something? Shameless.

~ Roomie

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