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Saturday, May 27, 2006 

Bike Ride

Last night I went on a two hour bike ride. I started out just wanting to try out my new bike and it turned into a bit of an adventure. Well, the bike's not new really. I bought it last weekend at a garage sale when I was in Royal Oak for $20. It needed $20 worth of repairs. I made out pretty well. There's a river not far from my house and apparently a very extensive bike trail. I started going one directon on the trail and it basically took me to the sketch part of town. But when I took the trail in the opposite direction, I ended up in the woods with musky smelling wildflowers, turtles, and bunnies. I ran into an old man who was fishing in the river. I stopped and talked to him. He told me about the fish that got away and all of the neat fish living in the river. It was quite a 1950s moment.

But being on my bike gave me time to think. My lawyer friend who's married to the hot doctor called me last night. She just had hre baby and moved back to Texas. I haven't talked to her in over a year. We caught up. She told me how much she loves being a mother and I told her how much my attitude had changed since I
last talked to her. I still don't like Lansing, but at least I'm happier here. I love love love my job, I love The Dungeon, I'm glad I'm back in school. Things are progressing. I told her that I'm still not dating and that I don't even have any prospects. However, I'm more serious about who I spend my time with now. I'm in the process of positioning myself to be at a certain level in the next few years especially with my job and social status. I really want to make sure that the men I spend my time with will be compatible with where I'm trying to be. After I got off the phone with Steph, Hot Bod texted me. His texts were very incoherent but after several texts back and forth, he summed up everything by saying, "I Guess I (Hot Bod) was into you more than you were me...you're never behind me...either under me or over me...either way - you are hot...is it ok if I dress you up next time?"
When in the past I would have seen this as kinda hot and kinky, I guess I'm just not in the market for boys or sex. I'm on a mission right now. And I'm not gonna be distracted until I achieve my goals.

Oh, but for Reunion next weekend, I plan on getting plenty trashed and hooking up with as many single (or divorced) Notre Dame Grads over 30. I would never let Kipper or my readers down like that.

Now for the pictures:

This is a pic of my very first rose that is growing (and surviving at The Dungeon).
This is a picture of the bike. The bike should have a name. I feel there will be many adventures on the bike this summer.

And here are the pictures from the bike ride...

Nice pictures.
Here via Michele this morning.

you're a good photographer, the bike ride sounds nice


i love that whole story. you're so grown up and stuff. hooray! but quite frankly - i, too, can't wait to get wasted at the beer tent. one week from now - SHITFACED!!! YAY

and we will name the bike..hmmm ez rider is already taken... how about...something dangerous. like striker! the ez stalker!

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