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Monday, March 06, 2006 

I’m feeling good today. In that evil sort of way.

I finally read the email that Jebediah sent me after I blew him off. Basically he said that he dropped everything for me to drive from Grand Rapids to Lansing to meet me. And because I conveniently didn’t reply to his email until after he was on the road and more than half way to me, he wasted both his time and his gas. Hooray!

His email went on to say that I probably treated him this way because I was hurt in the past and I’m probably insecure about men. And, he hopes that in the future, I will be more courteous and respectful. He went on to say that because I treated him the way I did, he will probably not be so accommodating to women in the future. Oh, and he said that he was intending to buy me roses (so blasé!) but he’s glad that he didn’t now because I hurt him.

So see, I really did crush his spirits. That makes me feel good. What a way to start my week!

I like the new template. And he has a damn big stick up his ass! He shouldn't blame you for his own stupidity! (aka, dropping everything and driving for forever without confirmation from you)

"He went on to say that because I treated him the way I did, he will probably not be so accommodating to women in the future."

Wow, way to blame you for something that is entirely HIS choice. Steve dropped off the face of the earth. Does that give me the right to break up with every guy I date from here on out by doing the same?

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