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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

I ran out of money being generous to a boy this weekend

Lansing continues to depress me. I was supposed to go out with Jebediah on Friday night. He had some type of work emergency so he cancelled. Whatever. I'm sick of reading his long ass emails so I blew him off. A real player would have continued a bit longer to make sure his spirits were successfully crushed, but I was getting irritated with him. So I ended it before it even started.

So, I decided to take myself out on Friday night. I showered, shaved, changed outfits 11 times, and headed out. My first stop was Troppo's. I was going to sit at the bar and have a strong martini and a salad. However, the bar was full. So I headed over to The Exchange, but saw the caliber of people going into the bar and decided it wasn't the place for me. I ended up at Mitchell's Fish Market. I had a nice time by myself there but I was still disappointed. In any other city that I've been in, a single girl at the bar was marked. Even if the man was unattractive, there would be SOMEONE trying to come on to me. Not so in Lansing. As I was telling THM this story this weekend, I complained that at least in Detroit, even if the hottie at the bar didn't make his way over to me, at least I'd have some eye candy to keep me company as I finished my drink. He laughed at me. "You really hate Lansing, don't you?" I do!

Saturday I got my hair did and called THM. He mentioned that his dad was coming over this weekend to help him get started on his house remodel. Therefore, I made a list of things to do by myself in Windsor, thining THM would be busy. Turns out he was waiting for my call. I went over to his place where we (he) decided he was hungry and wanted to go to brunch. He decided on Detroit's Breakfast House & Grill. How was it? Forgetable. We waited for over an hour for a table, and then the food was just normal. Nothing really jumped out from the menu. I ended up having the chicken and waffles and THM had the banana nut waffles. Anyway, since THM is currently unemployed (he's a freelancer, so he works when he can get it) I was feeling generous and paid the bill when he was in the bathroom. And how much was our so so brunch for 2? Nearly $60. Hot Shit! I wasn't too disappointed about it. I was just hoping I had enough in my checking account to cover such a lavish brunch.

So THM and I head back to his place where we watch a couple of basketball games. He really made out that day. Not only did I buy his brunch, but his sister called and wanted to take him to dinner. I did learn something yesterday, though. It's not a good idea to fool around on a full tummy. Why? Because things don't work. So after about 45 minutes of fruitless efforts, THM and I decided the best thing to do was just nap and digest. He did show off his chest hair to me. Yes, that's chest hair, singular. He's not aware that I call him THM (The Hairless Man) but I always make mention of how soft he is. So he showed me his one chest hair. I was utterly impressed and I told him it's what makes him a man.

I left pretty early so he could go get his second free meal ofthe day. He did thank me profusely for picking up his meal. It made me feel good. Makes me feel like I'm in control and calling the shots. Because now that I've done something generous for him he owes me. And you know how I feel about being in charge.

And guess who decided to call me after I had gotten back to Lansing and settled in? Hot Bod. He wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. That man has the worst timing ever. As Kipper pointed out, I could have had a twofer if Hot Bod caught me while I was still in town. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

$60 for a brunch? were they golden eggs?

and if he's so unemployed he better learn to love the cheapo dollar menu at mcdonalds if he hopes to surive.

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