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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Some Housekeeping

1) Thanks to the coolness that is The Pink Shoe, I was able to receive another blog add! Well, I'm not up yet, but Diva Las Vegas said she would link me because she thought I was hilarious. So, I've added her on the right to return the favor. I think The Pink Shoe is secretly like the GodMother of the Internet Mafia. Good things happen when she mentions you!

2) Apparently some of you (Roomie) have left comments that I have not approved. I don't know why this was happening, but I seem to have fixed the problem.

3) Did I tell you about the printer I bought for $5.99 yesterday? I was looking for a printer so I could print out the tax returns for the folks I'm doing tax prep for on the weekends. I went to ABC Warehouse (cause if you're cute and you smile pretty, you can get the sales guys to knock off like $20 off your purchase. That's how I got my CD system in college. I got a 5 Disc RCA System for less than $50!) to look for my printer. I ended up almost buying one for $49 until I saw this baby sitting by itself on a shelf with no box. Turns out it was the floor model. There was no ink and it had a minor scratch, but other than that, it worked perfectly! It is a bit large to keep toting to Detroit every weekend, but I figure I can use it for The Dungeon once the tax season is over.

4) While at Best Buy this afternoon picking up ink for my new printer (the ink cost more than the printer itself!) I picked up the debut CD from The Veronicas. I've been listening to them free on AOL.com Music and I really liked them. I thought I needed some good empowering female music this weekend. Or else I'm a big lez. No. That can't be it. Based upon my past few weekends with THM, I can CERTIFY that I am not a lez!

Thanks for linking me! You are a doll. You crack me up. Keep up the great blogging! (i overuse exlamation points)

Thanks for the fix ... who else can explain to your loyal blog readers the mystery that is known as Kiki. I am your most mentally stable friend (no offense Kipper).

~ Roomie

kipper ain't stable at all.

and i beg to differ that you're not a big lez. i have some home videos that would shock you all!

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