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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Google Has A Hit Out on Me!

Today was the first day of Tax Prep in Detroit. I have to say that I was excited. For some reason I woke up at 6:30A, showered, and made the 2 hour drive to MexicanTown to do some tax prep. Trouble is, Google wanted me dead! The instructions they gave me were really cryptic. At one point I went down a deserted street where I could tell a car had been broken into not too earlier than when I drove down that same street. Usually I travel with such hits as Mariah, Kylie, and Whitney. When I witnessed the broken glass in the street, I immediately turned on Where The Hood At. Hey, I wanted to look like I actually belonged in the neighborhood I was in.

The tax prep went really well. I only had one client and I'm actually sitting here blogging because I have some time before the next person shows up. I was proud of myself. I got to practice some of my spanish and I was happy that I was able to get a woman a tax return. Sure, her return was over $1000.00. but when you think about the income that her family lives on for an entire year, $1000.00 really isn't that much.

I just got back from the bathroom. I know. That detail was worth it. I kinda knew that the neighborhood that I'm in is a bit suspect, but while upstairs wandering around for the bathroom, the front desk clerk let this guy in. I didn't mean to stare, but the kid looked bad. He was clutching his arm, was bent over, and upon closer examination, I saw that his lip was puffy and a bit bloody. This kid just had the shit kicked out of him. I've been in a few fights before when I was a kid, but I have never kicked anyones ass nor have I had my ass kicked. I was able to witness first hand what it looks like to get your ass kicked. I didn't talk to the kid beacause it wasn't any of my business, but no matter what happened to him, at least he was smart enough to seek scantuary at the chruch. Seeing that kid made me more sure that I never want to get in a fight. No matter how glorious it looks, if you're the one who comes out on bottom, that whole situation seems mighty scary!

i've never been beat up cuz so help me god if anyone ever messed up daddy kipper's face there'd be hell to pay! i'm too pretty for that. and sissy is a meany lawyer.

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