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Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Before & After

Here are pics from before I put up my hammock and after. I was so excited that I rigged it all by myself. And it acutally works! I've been out there twice and I haven't fallen out, so all is good.

After rigging my hammock (and falling asleep in it) I decided to go to the driving range. I haven't been out there in a while and I knew I would be rusty. While I was out there I was approached by a very old man. He commented that my form was awful and offered to give me some pointers. I was a little concerned at first. He was very very old and I didn't know what he expected from me in return for a free golf lesson. Turns out he was a very nice old man. He helped me with my stance and posture and I could definately see the improvement. He directed me to read this book. I asked him if I could take lessons from him but he refused. He said that he wasn't a golf instructor and that he just likes to help people out of the goodness of his heart. What a fun old person.

Today I decided to cook for next week's dinner. I'm making chicken fajitas and asparagus with an almond sauce. The almond sauce didn't turn out as I planned. I burned the almonds a little and I put too much lemon juice in the sauce. Oh well. I'll figure out a way to salvage it. As for the chicken fajitas, I have yet to make them. However, I did buy two whole chickens from Sam's this afternoon. I spent a large part of the evening cutting up one of the chickens into parts. I followed
these instructions. Let me tell you, the way those pictures look are NOTHING like my chicken looked. I felt bad as I hacked away at the carcus. The instructions also don't tell you that as you hack away at the bones with a not so quality knife (I know what I want for Christmas now, Daddy Kiki) you get bond fragments and chicken guts flying all over your kitchen and all over your white wife beater. I could just feel the salmonila all over me. However, I did a pretty good job on finally getting the chicken into parts. I was pretty surprised for my first attempt. I did a beautiful job on the breasts, deboning them and taking the skin off. I may have a talent after all.

Hope everyone is surviving the heat wave!

Just barely. Luckily I'll be out of Dallas and up north at the beginning of August.

Yay for friendly old men!

I can't believe that you actually get whole chickens and try to cut them up. That is some real home cookin'. I just get breasts, cut them into strips and !voila! I have some fajitas. You made me feel like a real lazy ass.

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